Wednesday, June 27, 2012

20 Questions! - SW and Cad Bane

SW: Today I thought I would give you guys a little treat.  Yes, it has arrived - the infamous 20 questions!  Just so you can get to know both of us a little better.  My answers will be bold font, and Cad Bane's will be in italics.

I  hope you enjoy this list of questions I pulled together, and that I convinced Bane to answer for ya!  So, without further ado...

1)      What is one of your favorite ways to spend a free evening?
 -Sometimes I like to pound out another chapter in one of my stories until 11:00 PM.  Other times I enjoy watching a movie or having a campfire out back with the family.  It depends.
 -If I'm not out on the job, nothing beats kicking back to some background tunes and a couple drinks.  Kriff, when was the last time I got do do 'dat?

  2)      What are your favorite movie genres?
  -Ooh, a toughie.  I'd have to say old film noir from the 40's and psychological thrillers.  I love old movies and movies that make you think, so that covers a lot of genres.  I cannot stand mindless action movies or chick flicks.  Just can't.
-Almost never - literally, never - crosses my mind to flip on the tube.  Though I have seen parts of "The Godfather: Part II", "Pulp Fiction", and "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"...ha-ha.

 3)      Would you rather host, attend, or crash a party?
 -Hm, weird, I'm not much of a party-goer at all.  I guess host one because then it could be just how I wanted it to be.
-Oh, crashing parties is way too much fun to turn down.  Especially if I'm being paid to do it. 

4)      What made you want to start blogging?
 -I wanted to connect to other bloggers, aspiring authors, and Star Wars fans via the Internet, and be able to share some of my own thoughts, writings, and artwork as they come.
-Thought I would see how many fans I have and how I could handle keeping up with 'de updates.

5)      What is your favorite snack?
-Fruit, fruit, fruit, and chocolate as a treat.  I also like loading up over-easy eggs with just about anything I can find...ketchup, BBQ, Tex Mex, lemons, bananas - you name it, I've done it.
-Anything that can be dunked in steak sauce.

6)     If you could meet one person who is no longer alive, who would it be?
-That would have to be Ray Bradbury, who actually passed away this last month.  He's my number one writing hero of all time!  If only I could even compare my writing to his one day.
-Nobody immediate comes to mind.  Maybe Durge, so a few of his tricks could rub off on me. 

7)     What are some articles of clothing you love to wear?
-I'm a huge fan of leather and I collect/wear a lot of it, like vests, boots, and a jacket.  I also love bangle bracelets and other such bling.
-Well, whatever will come in handy on 'de job.  And, of course, I don't go nowhere without my hat.

8 )    Do you have a pet?
-Yes, two full-grown female cats, one of which has two kittens.  Four total.
-Heh-heh, I could call Todo 360 a pet in some form or another.  He doesn't like 'dat one bit.

8)    Which three material possessions would you struggle to live without?
-My laptop.  My notebooks.  My bed.
-My hat, obviously, and if my double blasters can count as one, then the third would be my personal ship.

9)    What’s your favourite drink?
-Besides water?  COFFEE!!  And a Sprecher's Root Beer, good ol' Coca-Cola, or regular MD can make my day too.
-A Thuris Stout.  Do not try it by yourself 'de first time, kids.

10)   If you could sum yourself up in three songs, what would they be?
-Oh, gosh.  Me and songs!  The first one would have to be "Step by Step" by Rich Mullins, because I've literally grown up with that song so it means a lot to me.  The second one would be another Rich Mullins song for the same reason, "If I Stand."  I could list a whole bunch of others, but the last one would have to be "Just a Game" from The Hunger Games soundtrack; I can relate to that song on a whole bunch of levels, sadly.
-Easy!  "Highway to Hell" - AC/DC.  "Cold Wind Blows" - Eminem.  "SexyBack" - JT.

11)   Do you have children?
-*Awkward* I'm not even 18!  But when I find the One and become his bride for the rest of my life, I would love to have kids of my own.
-Heh-heh...none that I *know* of...

12)   What is a place you would love to travel to someday?
-I want to see all kinds of places around the nation/world, but the biggest one on my list would have to be a tour of WWII battle sites in Europe - places like Normandy, Bastogne, and Monte Cassino.  Partly because I'm a huge WWII buff like my dad, but also to pay respect to all the grave sites for fallen soldiers, something I feel strongly convicted to do.
-Honestly?  I'd like to check out the Milky Way Galaxy and see Planet Earth for myself.

13)   Would you consider yourself to be shy or outgoing?
-I used to think I was 'shy', but now I've realized a better term is 'reserved', or 'attentive'.
-Whichever I have to be at the moment.  Which is usually outgoing, so I can more quickly get the scoop on every little 'ting.

14)   If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change?
-I'd erase some of my worst habits and throw in some good ones as replacements.
-I don't mind myself just the way I am.  But a couple Force powers would be cool.  Wouldn't that take a few certain Jedi by surprise??

15)   Who is your favorite actor?
-Ahh...!  My top two favorites are definitely Humphrey Bogart and Robert Downey, Jr.  One is such a classic, legendary tough-guy with a no-nonsense attitude and the coolest lines.  The other leaves me drooling and mesmerized every time!
-I am an actor...when I have to be.

16)   What’s the coolest thing you’ve done this week?
-Last Sunday my church got out of the building and did work around the community for free and just because it needed to be done.  I was the one on location filming and snapping pics.  We *became* the church!
-I won fifty grand in a round of Pazaak.  No assistance required from the butler droid.

17)   Do you live near your family or far from them?
-Still living at home, and glad I am.
-No family, strictly speaking.

18)   List three of your talents/abilities/skills.
-I'm a good listener, I am a writer, and I have lots of insight into everyday things.
-Good shot with a blaster...take no prisoners...and make the girls swoon *tips hat and smirks*

19)   What catches your eye the quickest in another person of either gender?
-Someone who doesn't have to pretend to be somebody else just to feel like they fit in.  You know, finds their true color and sticks to it.
-A guy or a gal who can hold themselves together in every kind of situation.

20)   What is one thing you are addicted to?
-I'm addicted to coffee and Humphrey Bogart films.
-Pulling the trigger, I suppose.

Well, feel free to leave a comment!  And thanks for reading!

-Stilwater <><
-Cad Bane   


  1. Aww awesome! Bane did a great job of answering ;) You too :D

  2. I enjoy psychological thrillers too, like Inception, Vertigo, Psycho, and Rear Window (not sure if it counts).
    Bane is the ultimate party crasher. :D
    Robert Downey, Jr. is also one my favorite actors, he is amazing as Tony Stark/Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. I think he is probably the best actor today (other than Harrison Ford).
    I love Pazzaak, it really is one of my favorite card games, especially on KOTOR.


  3. I love those movies as well, although I haven't seen Psycho yet...
    Definitely, Downey Jr. was the perfect Holmes. His indie films like Good Night and Good Luck, How To Recognize Your Saints, and The Soloist are great as well.

    Thanks for reading too! :)