Wednesday, June 13, 2012

CB - Season 5 Trailer

CB: Well, hello again.

Again, 'tanks to you all currently following this blog.  Sure do 'preciate it!

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'Course, don't let me tell you what to do.  I'm just having a cigarra while brushing up on news from the HoloNet - trying to ignore Todo in the background.

But, without further ado, allow me to feed you a little bait on the hook for the day.  That's right, here's the new (and official, mind you) trailer for "The Clone Wars: Season 5".  Take a look...

Oh yes, I saw Hondo Ohnaka and Embo in there.  Don't I know those faces a little more than I wish I did - but hey, like I care 'bout 'dat.  Right now I'm more concerned about this stain on my boot that ain't comin' off.  At least I have lots of time to keep working on that and some upgrades to my gauntlets before this fall swings around.

So, lemme ask you if you're brave enough to answer, and please offer me your two credits worth...what was your favorite part of this trailer?  What are you looking forward to the most this season?  See anything you like?  Anything that ticked you off?

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'Dis is yer favorite bounty hunter, signing off.

-Cad Bane


  1. The trailer looks awesome.
    My favorite part was any of the scenes with Savage Opress and Death Watch since they are two of my favorite things about the Clone Wars and I am most looking forward to seeing them. I did not see anything I did not like in the trailer. Also I follow your blog now.


  2. Thanks for joining the blog, James.

    Death Watch will certainly be something to look forward to. I can't say I (Stilwater) am a huge fan of the Savage/resurrected Darth Maul execution, but it may get interesting this season - especially if they'll be having it out on bounty hunters like Embo. I wonder who wins that duel. I liked every part of this trailer as well. Again, thanks :)

    -Stilwater <><