Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SW - More black and white(ish) Fan Art

SW: How is everyone's summer thus far?

My current time-consumers consist of working on "Space Bound" and other fanfics, getting a dark tan to bring out my inner Native American, part-time babysitting, and doing an online course to finish my sophomore year in college by this fall.  I've often been told I'm insane to be cramming my junior and senior high school years together and getting my B.A. in English by age 19.  But that's just what some homeschoolers tend to do.  Give me two hours a day and a college textbook, and I'll bring you three college credits within a month!

Oh yeah, AND I also work on and fan art for you all.  Speaking of which, here is my latest.

I really liked the way my last "black and white with red eyes" turned out, so I thought I'd give it another shot.

This one was lots of fun to do.  It reminds me of something off a movie poster, with that cinematic feel to it.
Once again, this was done on my iPad.  I got to use my all-time favorite photo-editing app, Photoshop.  That was what gave it the sketchy overlay.  If you must know, I have a total of six apps exclusively used for fan art.

Any comments, suggestions, or requests regarding fan art?  Leave a comment or shoot me an email.  Don't be shy, now!

I know I won't bite, but I can't speak for Bane...

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Hope to hear from you guys soon!
-Stilwater <><


  1. Very cool! *nods* And I totally understand the schoolwork bit. I did mostly PSEO for my last two years of highschool and have basically wiped out my whole Freshman year of college. My homeschool friends get it, but my public school friends are still trying to figure out how I can do highschool and college work at the same time. lol! =D

  2. AWesome!! I really love that picture :)