Saturday, June 16, 2012

SW - More Fanfiction

SW: Ready to hear about more of my fanfiction?

“How Did I Get These Scars?” by Stilwater Rundeepo

Note: a prologue of some sorts to my story “Space Bound”
Rating: T
Word count: 1,005
Characters: Cad Bane
Warnings: violence (domestic violence, child abuse, some blood), minor language

When I first saw “Hostage Crisis” and the Season 2 Holocron arc, what first caught my eye was Bane's outfit. It so reminded me of the “Man with No Name” gunslinger from the Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns of the 60's, which I'd grown up watching on-and-off.

Next, the core of the character was what got me. I'm all for diving into and learning the deepest drives, desires, fears, grudges, and secrets of the soul—including my own. I'm also really into the study of psychology, cognitive development, counseling, and parts of psychoanalysis. To compare it to biology, I like to see stories and characters—my own and others—as frogs I must dissect piece by piece. To compare it to car mechanics, I like to take the whole thing apart until it's down to nuts, bolts and the engine.

All that said, “How Did I Get These Scars?” is my own idea and interpretation of Cad Bane's childhood. I wanted to know how he became the cold, calculating bounty hunter we all know and love, and I decided to do it the hard way.

To sum it up, my own approach is that from early on, Bane had to learn to cover up his emotions and do whatever it took, regardless of morals, to earn his money and make a living. He landed in a place where he developed the raw smarts and skills to become a mercenary. Underneath it all, though, he has a horrible memory he has tried to stash away. It's the memory of what it was like to feel helpless, weak, and surrounded—what it was like to have the one thing you care about ripped out of your hands.

Now, as a renowned and leading bounty hunter of the Clone Wars, Bane likes to pretend that he has all but forgotten that memory. He likes to imagine that no one who saw him before those memories occurred is still alive. He likes to act as if it never happened. Of course, it did.

That's where my next story, “Space Bound”, comes in.

"Space Bound" by Stilwater Rundeepo
Rating: M

This one is not a short story like “These Scars” - my rough outline clocks it at thirty chapters when complete, and it currently stands at twelve chapters, 60k word count. “Space Bound” is set in the months before and during the end of the war, Order 66, and Operation Knightfall. The main character and focal point of the story is Cad Bane, along with various OC's (Original Characters) and recurring cameos.  I cannot say everyone will enjoy reading this because of all the content, and I highly respect you for that. Please do not let me test or pressure your own convictions or opinions.

Well, I hope you liked what I had to say. I'll see you tomorrow for another “Weekly Muse”.

May the Holy Spirit be with you.
-Stilwater <><


  1. Hmmm. awesome :) I'll try to read those fan fictions- after I finish with a chapter of my own :)

  2. Thanks, that would be great - let me know how your story is coming along as well :)