Friday, June 15, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award - Thanks Edessa!

CB: It was an "oh, drat" day for about 13 hours, standard Earth time.  One of my clients was trying to slip a card under the table an' I had to work on Xanadu Blood for half the morning all to no avail.  Oh, not to mention 'dis bounty on my head came close to getting the better of me just because I took one step into the broad daylight.

But I ain't publishing no complaints or rants on my half of 'dis blog, though.  That would be too cruel.

Anyway, I got to the end of the day, and I found out that our wonderful follower Edessa just handed Stilwater (and I'm guessing this includes me a little bit) the Versatile Blogger Award!

Gal, that was cool.  It was like a million creds.  It made both me and Stilwater's day.

I'd hate to think where the fierfek we'd be without you!

-Cad Bane

SW: No cussing allowed, Bane...

Anyway, thanks a lot for giving me this award, Edessa!  It was very encouraging and, yes, it made my day - I'm not gonna let Bane do all the talking.

While I'm here, a little news about our blog for all our followers - and anyone who happened to stumble on this:

-First, we've just started our own page on Facebook.  So be sure to 'like' us and use this as a way to spread the news about "In the Shade of My Wide-Brimmed Hat"!

-Second, I'll be updating you more about my fanfiction this weekend (this is summaries, explanations, etc), so if you haven't read my earlier fanfiction post go ahead and check it out.  Then, of course, I'll see ya again this Sunday for another "Weekly Muse".

Signing out, and glad to have all you guys!


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  1. You're so welcome! You totally deserve it! *hugs* =D