Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A little update on basically what the heck is going on in my life.  Just so you know, I am working on a rather difficult fan art project which I shall present within a couple days.  My toughest one yet!

It doesn't matter how much I may want to, but there is no possible way I can attend Celebration VI this year.  How come?  Well, first I don't come from an, ah, "affluent" family (because my dad never lets me use the word "poor") and transportation costs alone are more insane than Norman Bates.  Heh, our idea of a vacation is either spending a few days in Mayo Clinic for my handicapped sister, or visiting relatives because of a death in the family.  Speaking of my handicapped sister, that's another issue.  Either we'd take her with - and she is not a good traveler - or we'd have to leave her behind with one or two family members, which kills me every time I have to do that.  I do plan on going someday though, hopefully with my dad who is also a Star Wars fan.  We can scrounge up enough cash to buy our own costumes and everything.  The point is, I hope we can see each other there one of these days.  I'll be there in spirit!

On the brighter side, a small group I'm involved in has finally arranged for us to go on a mission trip to Thailand!  Now we just have to start fundraisers, support loops, garage sales, bake sales, anything we can scrape together.  I've never been on a mission trip before (for said reasons in my complaint sector) and I have a big heart for ministry.  This could be it!  And even if I don't come home with a determination to return to Thailand, it will be an awesome self-sacrificing experience.  The best part is I get to go with my dad, who is organizing the whole trip.

On a bit of a smaller note, I finally got my own custom-made Cad Bane theme for my laptop.  Which is just epic!


  1. EEKKKKKKKKK You're coming to Thailand this made my day OMG OMG OMG Maybe we can meet up somewhere and welcome to our country I'm sure you'll enjoy it Oh my gosh :DDDDDDD
    Oh, did I mention I am Thai? And I live in Bangkok.
    Anyways *take a deep breath* Your Cad Bane Desktop seems awesome! :) I'm not able to attend Star Wars this years too... bummer. My dad can't screw up the money to buy me a ticket to Orlando. It's really far away from here. But I plan to go too. And I LOVE the Cad Bane's Philosophy! LOL!

    1. We'll probably fly to Bangkok and move on from there. Maybe we could arrange something? Wow, now I am 10x more excited! Let's see what happens! :P

      Thank you - I love it, too :)
      Yeah, that is a bummer, but someday, you know. It would be really fun :P

    2. That would be awesome! Yeah we should arrange something :D Maybe go to Siam Paragon? :) Up to you, but I have to ask my parents too.

  2. That sounds like so much fun! You'll have to keep us updated on how the missions trip goes! Being an MK, I like to hear about anything related to missions. =D

    Well, a bummer for me is that my family's going back home after spending a month at our grandparents' house. But a boast is that I get to see my friends again. =D