Monday, July 16, 2012

Season 5 Clips!

CB: With Comic Con releasing groundbreaking news at an insanely-fast pace this week (so fast you can actually hear the die-hard fans toppling over), this clip from Season 5 of "The Clone Wars" was scrounged up and finally released.  For those of you who haven't already seen it, or...wanna watch it again for some darn good is the newest (non fan-made) preview.

Fans of Death Watch, Mandalorians, and a specific Master Jedi I have a bone to pick's a 2-minute eye-feast.

Like everybody else is saying, what 'de kriff is Kenobi doing here?

Don't ask me.  As if he keeps me updated on what's on his radar screen.  All I know is he seems like he'll have more than enough enemies this season who all want a good piece of him to hang on their wall....and y'know, that's just fine by me.

But, I'm not finished with you yet.  Here's another "Clone Wars Season 5" clip just released the other day as well.  This time, we're looking at a pair of brothers hell-bent on revenge, and to me, it doesn't look like they're kiddin' around.

So, which clip was more to your inner-fan liking?  Were you shocked or surprised?  Accidentally wet yourself?  Laughing out loud?  Maybe you were even ticked off.

Well, I know I'm gonna keep my mouth shut about my own opinions until Season 5 episodes (and consequently, our own reviews) start rolling in at long last.  Till then, we can only hope for more of these 2-minute delights to if only temporarily satisfy our appetites, won't we?

Yer favorite bounty hunter is signing off.

*tips hat*

-Cad Bane


  1. I watched them a few hours ago and they were awesome! So excited!

  2. The second clip was pretty awesome. It was nice to see Darth Sidious again in the flesh. There also seemed to allot of John Williams' Star Wars score which hasn't really been seen before in previous Clone Wars seasons.

    1. I agree - I was very pleased to hear some original John Williams' score and Sidious himself. Perhaps that means we will see more of both this season - hopefully :)