Tuesday, August 14, 2012

CB - "Star Wars: 1313" Gameplay Trailer

CB: The first gameplay trailer for the upcoming video game "Star Wars: 1313" has just been released.

Feast your eyes and bring out the mops to wipe up all the fans' drool over this latest installment in the SW game franchise..

So who is looking forward to seeing what this game has in store?

In other news, anybody who is not attending Celebration VI *Stilwater raises hand* will be unfortunate enough to miss the premiere of TCW: Season 5.  As if I care because I already know what happens this year, but, not the case for everyone else.

Looking forward to all the press, photos, announcements, and more during and following CVI - because anyone loves to watch the fans start going crazy over ten-second Filoni updates like they just chugged down five iced lattes.  Ladies and gents (and younglings), start your hyperdrives...!

We'll hang in there.

-Cad Bane.

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  1. That. Was. AWESOME! Too bad it's most likely going to be rated M, otherwise I would most definitely be buying this! =D