Friday, August 24, 2012

Clone Wars Countdown - Top Five Season 2 Episodes

SW: Last week I made a post about my top five favorite episodes from Season One of "The Clone Wars", which you can check out here.  This week, of course, here are my favorites from Season Two.

This was my favorite season so far of the series, and I loved a ton of the episodes from it.  So this list was probably the hardest one I had to make.

Don't forget to let me know which ones were your favorites - please don't be shy!

My Top Five "Season 2" Episodes

#5 – "Lightsaber Lost"

-The original Star Wars film was such a breakthrough in the science-fiction genre because it was willing to show a dirtier, not-so-cleansy side to the distant future. Even with giant spacecraft and laser guns, the Star Wars universe was still portrayed with its filth and grime. Thus, anytime we get to see a place like the underbelly of Coruscant with all its crime and intrigue, I'm all for it. This episode was one of the rare few that let us see more than a few seconds of this underworld. I enjoyed the setting from start to finish. It was even interesting to watch Ahsoka solve a dilemma on her own without her Master watching over her. Even though the plot was a bit cheesy, the concept and setting were enough to put this episode on my top five favorites.

#4 – "Grievous Intrigue"

-Unlike most rescue missions, this one involved one of the most suspenseful I'd ever seen on the show. The pace was done extremely well. Obi-Wan and Anakin both played their roles in the mission in a way that was both entertaining and downright serious. Also, one of Grievous' best appearances. Frankly, I don't think the show gives him enough credit, and more than not makes him out to be the butt of their jokes rather than the real lethal machine he is. At least the guy got a break in this one during some rather intense lightsaber duels.  A bonus is that I love episodes that involve having to sneak into enemy territory undercover, which leads right into...

#3 – "Holocron Heist"

-After “Hostage Crisis”, I was so happy to see Cad Bane be allowed to kick off the second season as the main antagonist in the leading arc. It was just too cool. This episode had a couple corny parts—first, how Ahsoka always gets to be stopping the bad guys and never giving anyone else (Barris??) a chance, or how Cato Parasitti suddenly started belching out life-threatening information like a broken candy machine. At any rate, I still loved this episode regardless. One thing that stuck out to me was, seemingly for the first time, it seemed like the focus was more on the bad guy of the episode rather than the good guys. As Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka are running around, Bane is just doing his thing without a blink of hesitation.

#2 – "Landing at Point Rain"

-I adored this episode! This was the high point of probably my favorite arc of the whole season. To me, it was the ultimate combat episode we finally got to see. The whole level of the invasion was huge, epic, and catastrophic. The Clone Wars is finally not so much skirmishes and wild goose-chases anymore. Its use of the Geonosis landscape was done well, and its resemblance to the Normandy Invasion in World War II was quite chilling. I could go on and on, I just fell in love with the big-scale battles and intense combat instantly. The best part was that it didn't focus too hard on the Jedi and we got to see clones coming and going as well. Plus, Ki-Adi-Mundi made a strong appearance, which to me almost justified how the only three Jedi that seem to ever get attention are Ani/Obi/Soka. I would have liked the spotlight to shine off that trio and onto other Jedi, like more Luminara, Plo Koon, Aayla Secura—even Yoda—but nevertheless, they still pulled it off and did a great job doing it. However, it couldn't quite reach my number one favorite.

#1 – "Cargo of Doom"!

-Of all the “Clone Wars” episodes I have on my iPad, I can definitely say I've watched this one the most. You can go ahead and call me biased because Cad Bane is in it, and I won't care. He is simply the best villain, maybe even character in general, that has come out of “The Clone Wars” and I hope future arcs treat him as well as the Holocron arc did. That said, this episode was the best of that series. Ahsoka's torture at Bane's hand—not to mention Master Ropal's death by electrocution—made a bold statement that the show was taking a darker, more adultish turn. In fact, I've read many online reviews where parents, after watching this episode, were hesitant to let their kids keep watching the show because of, quote-unquote “ that dark looking character, Cad Bane ”.  That new turn was exactly what I needed, though. It was all in all a great kickoff to the second season. I would have liked to see Bane in another Season Two episode alongside Aurra Sing or Embo, but alas, it was not to be.

So what were your favorite episodes of Season Two?

As a footnote, I most likely won't post any writing or fan arts for a few days - after looking up all the news and reveals from Celebration VI, I'll be desperately wanting to share that with you instead.


  1. Good list, I can't really decide what are my favorite episodes from season two. I think the Geonosian zombie episodes were my favorites. :)


    1. Those were great episodes, too. Like I said, I had a tough time choosing :)

  2. Great list! For me, I can't decide :P