Saturday, August 4, 2012

Song links - Rammstein

SW: Before my wrap-up for this week (tomorrow's Weekly Muse), I thought I'd share some more song links with you.

On this glorious Saturday, I had the benefit of writing for a good four hours straight and listening to whatever music I wanted all the while.  My iPad on my right, a cup of coffee on my left, and plenty of work to be done in front of me...ahh.  Everyone loves the weekends!

Anyway, one of my current favorite bands, which has been in my top five for quite a while now, is Rammstein.  They are from Germany, thus a good 95% of their lyrics are in German, although they occasionally have a bit of English or another European language.  The genre they play is heavy metal, also known as aggressive metal or dark metal or just plain German metal.  Now, I'm not a gothic or emo in the least bit, but I do enjoy me a hard-driving guitar riff whenever I can get it, and Rammstein satisfies that want in me to the full.  It didn't take long for them to grow on me and I have loved these guys for at least a couple years now.

Here are the links to a sample of my favorite Rammstein songs.  The videos should include the English translations.

 "Sonne" ("Sun") - Rammstein

"Amerika" - Rammstein

"Ohne Dich" ("Without You") - Rammstein


Since one of my fanfiction stories is rather dark, I find it helps me get in the mood by listening to Rammstein while I'm writing.  And hey, it works!  As long as I find some positive music to help me up afterward, I am perfectly fine.

What music do you like to listen to?

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