Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Clone Wars Countdown - Top Five Season Three Episodes

SW: OK, so this was a bit late...but school is back, so cue busyness for me as I do a senior year of high school and sophomore/junior year of college at the same time.  Busy bees got the biggest stingers...!

My Top Five "Season Three" Episodes"

#5 – “Witches of the Mist”

-I wasn’t a huge fan of the Nightsisters, what with their use of sorcery and witchcraft, but this was a great episode.  Savage Opress is quite the interesting character and one of my favorites to come out of the series.  The whole complexity of his ties to the Nightsisters, Ventress, and the rage they bring out of him makes him quite intense and dynamic in some ways.  I like him much better than his ‘resurrected’ brother.  For a while I was looking forward to see what they would do with his character until it was revealed he's now basically living in Maul's shadow, which annoys me to no end (but that's another rant for another time).  Of course, Obi-Wan and Anakin are always being sent off on the mission...as if literally no other Jedi exist…why can’t there be more episodes like Season One’s “Lair of Grievous”?  This is Star Wars, for crying out loud.
Anyway, this was still a fantastic episode.  I also love what they did with Asajj Ventress in this season—after neglecting her character development in the first two seasons, they have been really adding a lot to her.  Savage's appearance was a catalyst of that for sure.

#4 – “Counterattack”

-This was one of my favorite Season Three arcs.  The entire story had a dark, bleak feel to it, as the odds didn’t seem to be stacking in the heroes’ favor.  All the traps they kept falling into were thrilling and unique and sometimes horrifying, which to me means they were also awesome.  I think my spine shriveled when one of the clones was cut in half!  I definitely could have seen this arc being condensed into two parts instead of three, but it was still done well nonetheless plot-wise and pace-wise.  A bonus is that I like heist or prison escape films as well, like Escape from Alcatraz or Bridge on the River Kwai.

#3 – “Assassin”
-I love this episode because of its emphasis on the tension and action that doesn’t necessarily happen on the frontlines, much less on any mission whatsoever.  Sure, the political episodes and pretty much any episode with Padme I find extremely annoying (it’s not her, it’s just how and where she is used in the series), but this one was well-done.  Ahsoka’s visions were mysterious and had me on the edge of my seat.  Plus, I loved Aurra Sing’s new outfit.  She is another one of my favorite villains, and I adored seeing her working as a sniper.  The twists and turns were well-paced.  Yet another bonus is that I like watching how Ahsoka handles matters on her own without her Master beside her.  I think that is where I like Ahsoka best and where she really shines.  Some more revelations or secrets behind Ahsoka’ nightmares (think Christopher Nolan!) would have been interesting, but I already enjoyed it plenty, and all in all a great episode.

#2 – “Hunt for Ziro”
-Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking—a filler episode with Ziro the Hutt doesn't deserve to be on anyone's top five list.  But allow me to explain myself for a sec.
First, I loved seeing Obi-Wan paired up with a Jedi other than Anakin.  Anytime I get to see lesser-known characters make an appearance, I'm all for it.  Quinlin Vos and Obi-Wan were great in this episode—I think their attitudes, personalities, and styles of fighting couldn't be any more opposite.  Wonderful how we got to know an EU Jedi with the help of an almost-overdone one along the way.
Secondly, Nal Hutta may be disgusting, but like I've said before, there's a whole other dirty, dingy, crime-ridden world of the Star Wars galaxy that once in a while we get to see a glimpse of, or should I say a 'whiff' of.  I was able to tolerate the rather-revolting lovey-dovey parts just to see the Hutt palace and all the stuff going on inside there (would have liked to see a little more, but then we're talking about the on-and-off live-action series, or 1313).  I guess I just love any scene set in another sleemo-ridden cantina.
Finally, the duel between Cad Bane and the two Jedi Masters was, in a word, epic!  It was all worth it just for those two and a half minutes.  Bane didn't get much of a chance to duel a Jedi in the last season, so seeing him in action against two of them was simply jaw-dropping.  Talk about eye candy for the fight-lovers.  On a side-note, watching that duel was a big help for me in writing one specific scene in my fanfiction “Space Bound”.  It probably wouldn't have been the same without it.
But now I'm getting sentimental.  Now it's time for my number one favorite...

#1 – “Wookiee Hunt”!
-This final arc, again, pitted Ahsoka in a place where she had to operate without her Master.  I think these two episodes, especially this one, showed us how much Ahsoka has grown since the days of hauling a baby Hutt around in a backpack.  Not only were her physical and mental skills tested, but her willpower to fight for an escape.  Many times I saw the numbness of the other Padawans beginning to wear on Ahsoka, but she never backed down.  The whole idea was chilling, yet played out wonderfully—as I watched it, I couldn't help but be reminded of The Hunger Games books and later the movie.  Trandoshans vs. Wookiees was also very awesome.
I can't help but wonder if these episodes gave us a foreshadowing of Ahsoka's future in the Star Wars saga.  Years from now, will she find herself in the same situation, trying to support the straggling survivors as enemies close in around them...only instead of Tranoshans for enemies, it is the Empire and her own Master?
That thought haunted me as I walked away from Season Three.  I just cannot help but wonder.

Again, I apologize for being a few days late in posting this.  I will update more on fan art and fanfiction next, plus a “Weekly Muse”, and then I'll give you my favorite Season Four episodes.


  1. Definitely would have to go with the Nightsisters arc followed by the Altar of Mortis arc. I liked "The Hunt for Ziro" because my most hated character in the history of the Star Wsrs universe finally died! :D "The Wookie Hunt" is one of my favorites also, the animation was taken to a whole other level.


    1. I wasn't a big fan of the Mortis episodes, but they were decent. I'm glad you agree with me on Wookiee hunt too :)

  2. Oh, 'Hunt for Ziro' is one of my favorites. But that was just because Quinlan's there.