Thursday, September 20, 2012

Clone Wars Countdown - Top Five Season Four Episodes

My Top Five "Season Four" Episodes

#5 – “The Box”

-When I first heard about this episode, I was expecting a Hunger Games-esque competition in a big arena filled with lethal booby traps, obstacle courses, and a cheering spectator crowd.  Of course, that's not exactly what it turned out to be, but it was still satisfactory to my taste.  This sort of plot and setup is rarely used on the show, so I liked seeing a unique approach.  I enjoyed the development between Hardeen and Bane's partnership, although I scratched my head a bit when Bane rescued him from his fall.  Seeing lots of bounty hunters was cool too, even if they were recycled models thrown in just to be killed off the next second.  Perhaps if they had been introduced in an earlier episode, their deaths would have been more of a shocker?  Anyway, all in all a unique episode in the “Deception” arc.  A big bonus was seeing Embo again!

#4 – “Bounty”

-Once again, more bounty hunters.  I just can't get enough of these guys.  Embo back in action, after it was implied he was arrested not too long before, left me curious—how did this guy bust out so quickly?  But, the further development in Asajj Ventress was fantastic.  I just love what they are doing with her character in these recent seasons.  Every time I see her I'm a little more fascinated by her.  Now, of course, I always feel a bit annoyed when young Boba Fett comes along—I don't know why, but I just can't stand him.  Maybe it's just all the rumors that Fett is going to be the one to kill off Cad Bane.  However, I still loved this episode and how they continue transitioning from young Fett to older Fett.

#3 – “Friends and Enemies”

-Ahh, a classic favorite.  While the episode “Deception” was a tad boring for me, this one really gave me higher hopes for the undercover-Kenobi arc.  Lots of people say this arc was unnecessary, but I enjoyed it a lot.  For one, I liked watching Hardeen/Kenobi and Bane trying—or trying not—to get along.  Entertaining here, tense there, and added a whole new level of suspense to the episode.  Again, I always love a going-behind-enemy-lines sort of plot.  We also got to see more to the criminal underworld, even if only for a little while.
When Anakin and Ahsoka appeared, I inwardly rolled my eyes—those two again. But, at least they made good use of this arc, in that the Jedi Council kept a secret from Anakin that he felt every right to know about.  Obviously, this foreshadows events from the third Star Wars film.  But for now, I just enjoyed it.  I especially loved the ending fight scene with Anakin going against Bane and Hardeen—it made all the earlier slow moments worth watching!

#2 – “Revenge”

-Before I go into why this made my second-favorite on the list, let me make a big disclaimer: I did NOT like the resurrected Darth Maul.  To me, it basically ruined the whole character.  Part of why I was so fascinated with Maul was the air of mystery about him—his quiet rage, his sinister appearings, and his dark silence.  And now he's just a cyborg loose cannon hell-bent on revenge.  Not to mention I still believe the “new” Maul was a big rip-off of Andy Serkis' portrayal of Gollum/Smeagol from the Lord of the Rings.  I was so disappointed.
And yet, even so, I loved every single thing about this episode.  The fact that Maul did not come back from the dead by himself, and instead has his brother as an ally, almost redeemed the whole thing.  A lone Maul would have been pure awful.  But having an equally-vindictive brother alongside him was not only essential, but it worked.  I was so intrigued, I almost forgot how much I hated the new Maul.
The slaughter of the innocent villagers was—horrific, but brilliant.  Obviously reminded me of Anakin slaughtering the younglings in the third Star Wars film.  Obi-Wan was the shining light all the way through, and they portrayed his emotions well.  His confusion and horror at seeing an old opponent rise from the 'dead', his ordeal at Savage and Maul's hands, and his brief alliance with Ventress all had me on the edge of my seat.
However, not just for the obvious reason, this did not make my number one favorite.

#1 – “Carnage of Krell”!

-I've always cheered for the episodes that focus primarily on the clones (“Rookies”, “Clone Cadets”, etc.).  But for goodness' sake, this season we had a whole arc all about clones!  Needless to say, I loved these episodes from head to toe.
First of all, the use of the Umbara system.  The fact that it's always nighttime was an immediate sign that this arc was going to be dark, and suspenseful, and treacherous.  That alone was genius, I believe, and set the tone for every episode.  Second was the portrayal of a 'bad' Jedi.  This, for me, was not only a symbol of the divided Republic, but of the Jedi Council's blindness to evils and deception lurking right under their nose—obviously, no one realized General Krell was working against them until it was too late, and even then it was the clones and not the Jedi.  And meanwhile, as we all know, another 'ally' of the Republic is devising a plan to overthrow the Order, and the Jedi cannot sense it...
But, finally, on to the clones.  One of the biggest reasons I loved this arc, and especially this episode, was the way it addressed some of the nagging questions targeted at the clones—questions of how much of their personalities are programmed and not real, how far one can go in regards to obeying a superior, and what will happen to them once the Clone Wars are over.  Rex's overthrow of General Krell was incredible to watch as the events throughout the arc unfolded.  I hope this foreshadows how Rex might respond to future lethal orders, such as Order 66.
One final thought.  I hated seeing my second-favorite clone, Hardcase, get killed off!   Even if it was an honorable death.  That dude was so loveable!  Why do all my favorite clones have to die?!
All well...he will be missed dearly...

So what were your favorite episodes from Season Four?

Bring on Season Five! XD

-Stilwater <><


  1. I loved the Umbarra arc. I loved seeing the clones in action. I think these type of episodes (much like the Geonosis or Ryloth arcs) really epitomize The Clone Wars. We need to see more clones and more of the war in The Clone Wars!!!

    1. Definitely, I could not agree more. It is called the CLONE wars, after all!

  2. Another great list, my favorite would definitely be the entire Umbarra arc followed by Revenge. This past season was probably my favorite so far, I was impressed by how dark it become.


    1. Season two might be my favorite, but I agree, this was a great one - very dark.

  3. Awesome list! I feel the same ways as you do, especially with the Box

  4. I agree with you on Maul's return. It's annoying, and TCW had destroyed the elements that made him cool. He was like... crazy (in a bad way), in contrast to his silent and mysterious TPM personality.

    For Season 4, my favorite episode was Gungan Attack, but that's only because Kit gets to steal a momentary limelight there. If he didn't get to shine, I would've ran away into the EU earlier.

  5. Awesome list!!! :D I agree, Friends and Enemies and Carnage of Krell were amazing!!! :D :D Those two were definitely my top favorite episodes of the season. I absolutely loved the Obi-Wan/Hardeen arc and Friends and Enemies was my favorite :D. And the Umbaran arc, especially Carnage of Krell, was amazing :D And I agree, I though the whole 'Darth Maul coming back' thing was not a good idea at all. I much preferred how he was in TPM. That's why I don't take it as canon ;).