Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review for "Front Runners" and "The Soft War"

SW: Hi!  So I know I didn't get that review in for last week's Clone Wars episode "Front Runners", so I'll do both real short and sweet.

"Front Runners"

-I have mixed feelings about this episode.  First of all, I like how Obi-Wan and Anakin have left the scene and Ahsoka has to handle this all on her own.  It reminds me a bit of the Season Three finale when she had to battle the Trandoshans.  Ahsoka has always annoyed me, but with each season I can see her definitely maturing and - also - becoming more tolerable.  Obi-Wan and Anakin are overused a lot, so I have high hopes for this arc now that the focus is on newer, lesser-known characters.

The plot of "Front Runners" felt a bit slow and dry, and more of a filler episode, but I like the direction the arc is taking.  I always love a story about rebellion and revolution.  The rebels' struggle with gaining support from the citizens feels real and is well done.  The main focus seemed to be mostly on Ahsoka's own emotions  - good - the rebels' struggle - also good - and her tension with the Steela/Lux - annoying.  Lux is annoying in general.  But I really, really like Steela...

And her brother!  I knew they were related.  I was going to mention that earlier on, but nice to hear it confirmed officially.  Here's a sigh of relief that it's only a love triangle and not a love square, Heaven forbid...

But that's my shortened and extremely tardy review for "Front Runners".  On to the next.

"The Soft War"

-This definitely felt like less of a filler episode.  Again, Ahsoka having to handle this on her own was a good move.  Lots of signs here that she is growing up and becoming a better thinker and warrior.  She might even surpass her Master one day...Anyhow, I felt like this episode backed off from the whole romance issue, which is a relief at last.

Again, the whole rebellion is a cool idea.  I really thought they did well with the emphasis on trying to win over the people.  War and revolutions themselves are not just about guns and tanks - it's about the morality and psychology of it.  Speaking of morals, there were several moments where I hoped they would touch on a heavy subject of philosophical debate, but they didn't.  For example, Ahsoka was ordered by the Council not to get too involved.  Although she actually does draw her lightsabers at the last minute, I was expecting a "Screw the Code" moment, which would have felt a bit more Ahsoka-ish, although like I said, she's maturing.  Still, that would have been interesting.  But moving along.
Steela's brother was a bit of a pain in the first two episodes, but now I found out I actually like him.  Maybe because he reminds me of my brother, I don't know.  But seeing how it's pretty positive he's not a traitor or too far in the dark, I can trust him better.  He is quite reckless, though.  Kind of had a dumb moment when he tried to rescue their leader like that.  But other than that, he's starting to grow on me, as well as Steela.

The quote-unquote "interrogation" scene - where it turns out to be more of a deep conversation - was a bit of a downer.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around how he managed to convince his captor to join their side so easily.  I know the episode was on a time-crunch, but still.  That seems to happen a lot in movies and TV shows and it annoys me to no end.

Finally, the "execution" scene.  I feel like this could have been a lot more intense, and wasn't a grand finale to the episode.  It was almost as if it was unrehearsed and more than not ad-lib.  Steela's waiting until the last possible second to shoot the droids was dreadfully cliche.  The scene could have been much better and had the crowd get involved sooner, hence cut out all the long waiting parts.

One final note...I hate Lux.  Lux is so annoying.  I hate Lux.

Anyway, that's my review for this week's episode.  What did you think of "The Soft War"?

Oh yeah, and I'm looking forward to some Embo action coming up!!

-Stilwater <><


  1. *skips The Soft War review because I haven't watched it*
    Oh, I had mixed feelings about Front Runners, too! And like you, I really like Steela and Saw (her brother). I've guessed they're siblings from the beginning. Lux is still annoying, I agree. I'm glad Ahsoka's growing more tolerable in this arc.
    This episode didn't impress me very much. There's just something off about Front Runners, but I can't pinpoint it.

    Okay, I've linked yours in my review for Front Runners.

  2. I actually really enjoyed "The Soft War", might be my favorite episode of the season. :) But great review.


  3. Awesome review! Anakin and Obi-Wan was great when they're out of scene. I agree, they need to focus on lesser characters.