Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review for "A War On Two Fronts" - The Clone Wars

SW: What did I think of the latest "Clone Wars" episode, "A War on Two Fronts"?

I was a little disappointed, but this is an interesting plot with an assemble of great characters.

My first thoughts are toward the relationship between Lux and Ahsoka, which I never did like.  Part of me understands and accepts that a romantic interest for Ahsoka could show a whole new dynamic to her character - a good thing - but I find Lux extremely annoying and the worst potential partner for Miss Tano - a bad thing.  In this episode it was shown that perhaps the chemistry between them is more complicated than last we saw of them in "A Friend in Need".  Perhaps this Steela is also vying to be closer to Lux, and Ahsoka becomes more jealous.  I got the sense from Lux's behavior that he's 'gotten over' Ahsoka and is moving on with his life, but Ahsoka is still acting a bit clingy.  Of course it's too early to be making hasty conclusions, but I have a feeling Steela and Ahsoka are going to start up some catfights before long.  Anyway, this whole love triangle or square or whatever was one of the major focuses of the whole episode...

Which I didn't like about it.  Sure, it added an emotional aspect and more drama between the characters...but I mean, really, Ahsoka?  Really?  You got all those clones to choose from and you're daydreaming about a snobby Separatist punk?

I'd better stop now.  Back on track.

The episode was enjoyable by watching the Onderon people being trained by Anakin, Obi-Wan, Rex, and Ahsoka.  Although it dried up here and there, it was interesting.  Seeing Rex out of armor was pretty cool too.  There was little action minus one attack, so I hope that means we'll see plenty of battles later on.  I did love the part when the detonator (it's called something else, but I forget) was tossed into the tank, and the droid just kept talking, "You will pay for your crimes against the Separatist Alliance!"  And you can't forget that one poor little guy flying into the air just several seconds earlier.  Oh, Force.  Droids is so stupid...but funny.  I've always loved the battle droids, it's the truth.

I can't wait to see how the rebels' undercover work in the city is going to turn out.  I have a feeling it will be very intense with lots of urban combat.  Which is cool.

All in all, I hope Lux and Ahsoka make a final decision about their relationship in this arc so we can just move on from that, and I look forward to seeing what sort of action our heroes will be pulled into.  This could turn out to be an excellent arc.

On a final note, does anyone really, really like the character Steela?  I think she is so cool.

-Stilwater <><


  1. While I did enjoy the episode, it was definitely more set-up than anything else. But I think I liked it a little more than you did. Yeah, Steela's cool, not sure how much I like her yet. I also thought the cloaks looked a little odd but it was cool for the Jedi to finally wear them.


    1. I think so too - it did feel like a set-up episode. The cloaks took me by surprise but I'm glad they're finally using them ;)

  2. Nice review, although I quite disagree about the Luxsoka part. I'm not much of a shipper of those two, but I do support the couple XD (even though I support Ahsoka/Kidd the podracer better - y'know, that one in Crash Course).

    I like Steela, but I would've liked her better if she were alone. I've had enough of love triangles. Ahsoka's attitude made me laugh, though.

    1. Her attitude was a bit entertaining, I must admit :)

  3. Great review :)
    I agree, it was an all right episode but could have been better- the Ahsoka-Lux wasn't too bad, but Ahsoka's jealousy seemed a little out of character.
    Obi-Wan was my favorite part of the episode; hopefully he does some cool stuff in this arc :)

    1. It did seem out of character. Surely Ahsoka knows how to focus on the task at hand by this point,
      Obi-Wan didn't seem like he got to do much in this episode. I hope that means he gets to make a bigger statement later on ;)

  4. Nice review! I think the same thing, except for the luxoka. I haven't made up my mind about it yet.