Friday, November 9, 2012

One Year and Counting!!

One year ago (that would be one, two, three, four.....three-hundred-sixty five days), I would NOT have called myself a Cad Bane fan(gurl).

One year ago, my younger sister had already dragged me into watching the first season of The Clone Wars. She was crazy about Anakin. I wasn't so impressed.

One year ago, the only reason I had appreciated the first Clone Wars season was the finale episode, with that smooth-talking blue alien wearing the big cowboy hat. “Okay, now that was a good episode! Anakin actually lost!” was my argument.

Three-hundred-sixty-five days ago, in came The Clone Wars: Season Two from our library catalog. When I heard the smooth-talking alien was back, I started to get excited.

“Let's watch the first episode tonight!” I begged my mom. The day it came in was the 9th, a Wednesday, in which we are in town the whole afternoon for various reasons, and we don't arrive home until late evening. So, it is a rarity to wrap up a Wednesday with a movie from the library.

Nevertheless, we did. Just one episode, that was all I wanted.

One year ago, I watched “Holocron Heist” for the first time.

And then, well... “one more episode, please?”

One more?” By then, I think I was bouncing off the walls with adrenaline.  Something like this:

Three-hundred-sixty-five days ago, I watched that entire Holocron arc straight through. Within the hour, I was belting out a whole bunch of weird sounds from my throat and something had got me hooked. Yup. I had officially joined the club. I was a Cad Bane fan(gurl).

Gosh ,it feels like it was ten years ago. It also feels like it happened so fast. Here were these two annoying Jedi (whose names I won't mention, but their initials are Skyguy and Snips!) who managed to beat General kriffing Grievous, without a scratch. And they looked, or thought they looked, awesome while doing it. Not cool. (side note: they annoy me less with each season.)

This show sucks. Besides the clones and the Ryloth arc. This is not Star Wars.

And then along comes a bounty hunter who lives by no code, who doesn't play games, who kicks both of their behinds without one maniacal laugh or confession of dastardly plans. Here's a bad guy who is loyal to no one, and he knows it, and he's okay with it. 'Dat hat—'dose breathing tubes—'dat sneer—heck, even 'dose bulbous red eyes—what,

 is not, 

to like?

Six days later, on the 15th, I vividly remember listening to a song by Eminem during a family road trip, and subsequently scribbling out what was to be the first chapter of my Cad Bane fanfiction “Space Bound”. And then I remember all the iTunes gift cards I used to buy Clone Wars episodes. And, of course, I quickly caught up with the rest of Season Two, Three, and what there was of Season Four at the time. Within a month, my first real 'fan art' was rolling in as well.

So, yes, I must confess, I was not there when the Season One finale premiered. Actually, by the time I was in, Season Four was already swinging into action. I bet there are lots of you out there who have loved Cad Bane as soon as he first appeared on screen, which makes me kinda feel like one of those people who is the last in the room to catch the joke.

But, geez. How can I not commemorate this most momentous anniversary? Today, I celebrate being a fan of Cad Bane for one whole year! Three hundred and sixty five days with that cool Duros in the wide-brimmed hat—and counting, of course.

However, my pitiful amount of Cad Bane collectables—a poster and a tall cardboard cutout, that's it—is probably a consequence of my parents' wavering eye over my love for villains.

 “He's a creepy bad guy!” they say, “He's evil!” they say. Oye!

Nevertheless, I've loved writing all my “Clone Wars” fanfictions, drawing fan art, and connecting with so many other Cad Bane fans via the Internet. It's been a blast and I look forward to more years of this. And now I wait patiently—okay, impatiently—for news of Cad Bane's future involvement in the show and other Star Wars franchises, like video games, graphic novels, and more. It's been a fantastic year of lots of things Cad Bane. I've been hooked since “Holocron Heist”, and I doubt that smooth-talking blue alien is gonna let me slide off any time soon.

Three hundred and sixty five days, and counting!

-Stilwater <><


  1. Lol I love your gifs! :D Especially the last one. It got me chocked with laughter!
    Happy one year, then :D I don't know mines.. things happen really fast I lost track

  2. *is LOL-ing @your gifs*
    Solace: Ah, I'm starting to lose track, too!