Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review for "Bound for Rescue" - The Clone Wars

SW: My thoughts on the new Clone Wars episode, "Bound for Rescue"?

It felt like a bit of a letdown.  But super-smashed Hondo Ohnaka totally made up for it!

Most of my suspicions about what would happen in the episode were confirmed.  The Padawan's attempt a rescue mission.  Obi-Wan and/or Anakin comes on the scene.  Ahsoka escapes.  The setup was decent and the Padawan's plan to rescue Ahsoka was unique and clever, but there were a few things that put me off about the episode.

First, Hondo's actual plans for Ahsoka are a bit vague.  Is he going to hold her for ransom?  Sell her?  Hand her over to the Separatists to appease Count Dooku's wrath against him?  From what I got, Hondo seemed to be hinting at all three on-and-off.  It also seemed like one moment he treated Ahsoka like a bargaining chip, and the next like his little pet.  Of course, this is Hondo we're talking about here.  I don't expect his motives to be consistent at all.  But still, a bit more clarity about just what he was going to do with Ahsoka would have made her rescue feel like more of a relief.  I don't know if this was just me or not.

Second was the episode's use of General Grievous.  When I saw the preview for the episode, I was thinking, "Yes!  Grievous is back!!"  I'm a huge General Grievous lover, and in past posts on this blog I've ranted a lot about how he is used in the series.  Instead of the lethal killing machine from the micro-series and Revenge of the Sith, the new "Clone Wars" Grievous seems to be the brunt of most of the jokes and only used when everyone is utterly sick of Dooku.  So when I heard he was going to be in "Bound for Rescue", I was really excited.  I was hoping we'd see some epic duel between Hondo stopping Obi-Wan, Obi-Wan stopping Grievous, and Grievous stopping Hondo.  I mean, how more epic can you get?

But alas, Grievous only appeared for about five to seven minutes of the entire episode.  His only real purpose was a reason for Obi-Wan to be unable to reach the Padawans.  I mean, really?  What happened to the real General Grievous?  This is a bad sore spot for me...the show needs to make better use of Grievous and make him much more of a threat to the Jedi Order.  Obi-Wan's involvement in the rescue, or lack thereof, could have been a bigger element in the plot as well - think old issues between Obi-Wan and Hondo, Hondo and the Separatists, and so on.  It felt like a huge hole in the plot was missing.

The carnival was neat, however.  I liked the Padawans' cleverness in acting like acrobats.  I still think one of them is going to die before the arc is out, although it might not happen, since they're only kids, after all (and this is a kid's show).  And, again, drunk Hondo was...hilarious.  Seeing him fly fifty feet into the air was almost like one of those silent comedies from the 1920's - Laurel and Hardy, or Abbott and Costello - but too funny not to laugh at.  It sure made up for all the sour parts!  Poor Hondo.  We all love him anyway...!

Well, this was far too long of a review for far too disappointing of an episode, but I'm all done.  What are your thoughts on "Bound for Rescue"?  How do you think they're going to wrap up this arc?

Tomorrow I'm going to show you my life according to gif's!  You will love it! XD

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  1. From what Hondo said, he was planning to sell Ahsoka to a unknown buyer, right? Or did I miss something.
    I completely agree with you about Grivous, I said something about it in my review. He was at his best in the micro-series, so many awesome moments. But I thought when he killed the Clone, that it might be his best moment in this Clone Wars series though. Overall, I was also very disappointed with this episode. But dunk Hondo was the best.


  2. Nice review, though I think I liked it better than you did.