Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review for "To Catch a Jedi" - Star Wars: The Clone Wars

"To Catch a Jedi" is a homage to the Alfred Hitchock film "To Catch a Thief"...just like last week's was homage to "The Man Who Knew Too Much", also by Hitchcock (great movie, by the way, Peter Lorre is in it!).  As I started watching "To Catch a Jedi", I was unsure if it would top last week's, since this is without one of Season Five's best arcs.

As soon as Ventress appeared, I knew it would top.

First of all, my goodness, we're on level 1312.  Now I'm the type of Star Wars fans who loves the "used future" element that makes Star Wars so unique in the science-fiction genre.  Episodes like "Lightsaber Lost", and "Evil Plans" always get my attention because they're set right in the dirty, gritty underworld.  This episode was just like that and it was such a thrill to go back to the Coruscant underworld with Ahsoka, and the setting was also put to good use.  The chase scene on the train was amazing; the fight with the clones was amazing; and the duel between Ahsoka and the shadow figure (more on that later) was hands-down my favorite scene.  So many wonderful things about this episode.

Second, on to Ventress.  I've always liked her as a character, but not until she left Dooku and became a bounty hunter did I really start to love her.  I think she shines much better as a mercenary than a Sith - it just fits her personality better, for some reason.  Even though I knew it was coming, seeing her again was awesome.  The show really has made good use of her character in her last few appearances, and I can't wait to see what awaits her in the future (hint, hint, Filoni..."good use of the character??"...*sigh*)  Her interaction with Ahsoka in this episode was compelling and entertaining.  The two played off each other so well, I loved every second of it.  Despite their differences, they made such a cool team.  Goodbye, Obi-Wan/Ventress pairing!

Anyway, there were so many other things about this episode that made me love it so much.  My favorite part as I already mentioned was the fight scene at the end.  Wow!  Actually, all the fight scenes were awesome, and I'm really tempted to watch it again just for those.  Anakin's emotions in dealing with the whole situation were painted so beautifully.  Plus it was cool that Plo-Koon was involved in catching Ahsoka as well.  Finally, we get to see Barris again after a long-overdue hiatus.  Of course...

That leads me to my final note.  Who is the shadow figure who attacked Ahsoka and further framed her into being guilty?  I have been hearing a lot about speculation that Barris is behind it.  As much as I hope this isn't the case, it makes sense to me.  Remember in the last episode Barris made a remark that practically went against the Jedi Code?  But on the other hand, it seems pretty out of character for her as far as I know.  Unless they're going to give some very good reasons for Barris framing Ahsoka, I won't buy it.  Until the finale, we can only speculate.

In summary, amazing episode!  I can't believe Season Five is almost over!

I'm planning on doing some post-Season Five posts.  So far I have my favorite Season Five moments, Season Five episodes, and hopes/speculations for Season Six.  If you have anymore ideas, I'm more than open to hear them!

-Stilwater <><


  1. Again, I agree, this was a fantastic episode! I would rate slightly below the last one, but as you said Ventress and Ahsoka were a great team. Hoping to see more of them next season. I liked Ventress' line "Look, I didn't even kill one", or something to that effect. From what we have seen Barris is the obvious choice for the shadow figure but I am pretty sure its not the Emperor as some were speculating. lol



  2. I also loved her line "Let's play!" :)

    Yeah, it doesn't look so good for Barris right now. At first I thought it would be Darth Maul but now that doesn't match up either. All well.

  3. It was a really great episode! One of my favorites. I really hope it's not Barriss. She did die a good jedi... unless TCW decides to mess that up. I mean, all evidence points to Ahsoka for the Jedi and GAR, but it isn't really her. All evidence right now points to Barriss for us, but I might not be her. I think it's Sidious.