Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Disney movies and tumblr and More

Well as the title says, I now have a Tumblr account. If you want to follow me my url is Warning though, I post whatever the hell I want and I'm definitely more hipster than fandom. On the other hand, if you have a Tumblr too, I'd love to hang out with you.

Disney movies.  Since I'm wrapping up my high school I have extra time, and lately I've been staying up to watch a lot of movies on my list, mostly Disney.  Some are movies I have never seen and some I haven't seen since my childhood. I have a whole list of classic movies plus some old cartoons, and it's fun to check them off one by one.  Although for old cartoons all I've had time to watch so far is The Powerpuff Girls, and it still makes me go squeee.

Anyway, our Thailand mission trip is well under way! Yup, we are officially going.  We finally purchased our tickets, and today I sent in the papers to get my passport.  We only have a few more thousand dollars left to raise and I'm pretty sure we're gonna make it.  It's really hard to explain on a simple blog post how excited I am for this trip, but I've never felt this excited before about anything.  Not for my book's publication, not for the Season One finale, and not for the Indy 500.  Not for anything.  This is literally the chance of a lifetime for me.  It will be my first mission trip and I've only been in four US states my whole life, so...well, I'll talk more about that later this week!

On a darker note, you may have read my earlier post about my sister and how she had to go to the hospital. Well, she is doing better now, but now we found about a few days ago that she has to have another surgery. They have to take out some more kidney stones, and because she has the metal rods in her spine from her last surgery, this one is going to be really tricky.  So, April is probably gonna be laced with doctor's appointments, and in May she will have the surgery.  It's pretty frustrating, especially that she might still be in the hospital when we leave for Thailand.  And every time she has a surgery, I get so anxious it sometimes affects my health (I might talk more about this on my other blog for my sister).

However, a lot of things about my sister are on my growing list of 100 Things that make me smile! (remember the challenge in my last post?)  So I have a lot to be happy for right now; it's just easy to dwell on the bad things.  There's even an advantage to all beds are good for my mom's back!  Seriously her back doesn't hurt as much after she uses one.  So I'm going to have to stay focused and stay strong through the next crazy months.

Now, on to my latest fanfiction and fan art...A couple weeks ago my first long fanfic "Space Bound" was completed, so now I'm going back to revise it.  I've also just launched my brand-new fanfic and it's going to be very exciting.  It's all about the Avengers, so if you like the Avengers (and Loki, lots of Loki!) you're going to love it.  It's a historical-fanfiction, which is what it sounds like.  The title is "The Red Space Between Us" and if you click on the link you can begin the journey.

As for fan art, I've started making Cad Bane GIF's, and this is the first one I made.  They're really fun but when you don't have any programs like Photoshop they're pretty hard too.

  • Any ideas for more GIF's I could make?
  • Anything exciting happening for you too?
  • How about the 100 Things challenge?

Well, that about covers it.


  1. I followed you on Tumblr! :D Looks like a cool one! :) Mine is - - if you want to follow me.

    Congrats on going to Thailand! :D That seems like a lot of fun! :) I hope you enjoy your trip! :D

    I'm sorry about your sister- I'm glad she's doing better and I hope she'll be well enough to get to go with you to Thailand.

  2. Thanks for the congrats! But honestly, I'm not looking to have a fun trip; my real motivation is to get to know the people and share the Gospel. But, when we take half a day off in Bangkok, I hope that will be fun!

    My sister is handicapped so even if she was better, she couldn't go to Thailand with us. My other sister will be able to go, though.

  3. Thailand? That's great! I haven't been there (but my father has), even though it's pretty close from here.
    I don't know much about Thailand, apart from the fact that their traditional food is rich with spice and often uses coconut milk (which is common knowledge), but I hope you'll enjoy your time in this part of Southeast Asia. :) I wonder when you'll visit Indonesia.
    If you're going on some kind of religious mission, then good luck.

    I'm glad your sister's doing better. Best wishes for you both.

    GIF suggestions? Err... a Tom Hiddleston expression GIF, perhaps?