Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Season Five Finale Review - Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Well, another season of The Clone Wars has come and gone.

And I have to say, that last episode had me choking up at the end there.

What can I say.  The Season Five finale was arguably the most emotional episode this show has ever offered.  I have said this before but Ahsoka annoyed me at the start, but with each season she grows on me. Her role in this episode was terribly moving.  I was hooked all through her trial first at the hands of the Jedi Council and finally the Senate.  The plot moved so briskly I lost track of the time while I watched it.  Anakin's duel with Barriss was intense, and yes, they had to fit in a cameo of the younglings...actually, that part made me laugh a little bit.

I'll touch on Ahsoka's role and then I'll move on.  Her decision to leave the Order made sense to me, not that it made it any easier to watch.  I thought the acting in those final scenes was played out well, much better than the acting from the premiere film or the first season.  Throughout that scene I kept getting flashbacks to when Anakin and Ahsoka first met, and it was pretty emotional to watch them having to part ways.  Of all the relationships the Clone Wars series has emphasized, none has been stronger than that of between Jedi and Padawan.  We have seen Anakin and Ahsoka grow through each other, trust each other, go through heaven and hell together, and to see them having to say goodbye was...tough.  Although it made sense.  I loved the hint that Ahsoka knew about Anakin/Padme, too.  The use of the Force theme at the end, plus Ahsoka's theme, just brought it home for me.  Just, blew me away.  This is certainly the crowning jewel of Season Five and perhaps the entire series.

So what are my thoughts on Ahsoka's leaving the Jedi Order?  I think she will be back.  She's going to go through a lot of trials in the future, but my hunch is, she will be back somehow.  My worry is she'll run to Lux and "love" blossoms between them or something equally repulsive.  She could also form a brief alliance with Ventress.  Whatever happens, I can't wait to find out in Season Six!  Ahsoka is mature enough to handle matters on her own, as she's proved multiple times, so her path could go anywhere.

One more thing I loved about this episode.  Barriss' speech.  It touched on a heavy subject of The Rise of the Empire era.  What she said, I believe, was true about the Jedi - that they are blind to how they are being used and are becoming what they are fighting against.  Sadly, she went a dark path to speak up against it.  This is what I love about the Prequel Trilogy, is its complex tale of the downfall of the Jedi Order and the rise of the Sith, and it is full of allegories and symbolic meaning to our day and age.

And that is what makes this show The Clone Wars a masterpiece.  It is addressing the subjects Episodes II and III skimmed over.  It is embracing characters who need more development.  It is introducing new characters.  Sure it's a cartoon and has its weak points, as any other franchise would, but it truly is filling in all the gaps left by Episode III that I missed.  Thanks to this show, I understand the movies better.  And that is great.

So...Season Five in summary?  The first half was terrible.  I could tolerate the Onderon arc, the Youngling arc had its cute moments and Hondo Ohnaka moments, but the Droid arc...?  No.  I don't know what they were thinking.  However.  The second half was incredible.  Having two arcs like those back-to-back was like watching a favorite movie with favorite food in a favorite place with favorite people (haha).  At first I was uneasy about Darth Maul's resurrection, but they sure made good use of it and now I'm glad they did it.  And Death Watch's rise to power was awesome!  But to follow something like that with Ahsoka's epic  In short, the second half made the first half worth it.

Bring on Season Six, people.
(this time, don't you dare forget Cad Bane.)

-Stilwater <><


  1. Oh, the last episode left me shocked though I could see why they did it. I am not so much into The Clone Wars that I was freaking out about it, but I was still really shocked. I agree that the first half of Season 5 was really pretty bad, but Ashoka's arc was amazing! I loved it. I hope they show more of her in the next season.

  2. I love this review. Especially the ending :D