Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Star Wars Questionnaire

Important Announcement: Star Wars' "This Is Madness" is upon us! Follow THIS LINK to vote for your favorite "light" and "dark" characters until the final showdown on April 9th.  And on March 21st, 31st, 3rd, and 7th, be sure to vote for Cad Bane!

What with The Clone Wars being cancelled, I've been thinking a lot about the Star Wars franchise and how it as affected me. So I thought I would do a little questionnaire, and if you want to do it too, feel free! Without further ado...

Star Wars Questions

  • 1. Which Star Wars Film is your favorite of the Original Trilogy?
  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • 2. Which is your favorite of the Prequel Trilogy?
  • Revenge of the Sith!!
  • 3. How old were you when episode 1 came out?
  • eheheheh, I'm not telling, but I was pretty young...
  • 4. Which of the movies have you seen in the theater?
  • Attack of the Clones, hopefully Episode VII when it comes out
  • 5. Did you go to any of them on opening night?
  • Nopes!
  • 6. Who is your favorite character from the Original Trilogy?
  • uh, R2-D2
  • 7. Who is your favorite character from the prequels?
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • 8. Have you read any of the books or comics?
  • A few but hardly any
  • 9. Favorite book or series? Favorite SW author?
  • The Revenge of the Sith novelization was pretty good
  • 10. Favorite comic?
  • well I really liked that online issue that introduced Cad Bane
  • 11. Favorite character from the expanded universe?
  • (i don't know expanded universe well enough...*crawls into a corner*...)
  • 12. Favorite villain from the EU?
  • "
  • 13. What are your Star Wars OTP's?
  • Cad Bane/Aurra Sing (my #1 OTP), Grievous/Ventress, Maul/Savage, Ahsoka/Rex, Han Solo/Leia, Cad Bane/Rako Hardeen
  • 14. Would you rather be Sith or Jedi?
  • Sith, baby!
  • 15. Would you rather be a Rebel or a member of the Empire? What would your role be?
  • Empire rules! Take that, rebel scum! Oh, I'd have a fleet of TIE-fighters, like the Easy Company, 101st Airborne of the Empire.
  • 16. If you could be any species which would you be?
  • Zabrak or Zeltron, maybe
  • 17. If you could date any species from the SWU which would you pick?
  • hmm...probably Zabrak, human, or Duros...weird question because I don't date
  • 18. If you could date/marry any character from the SWU who would you pick?
  • Weird!
  • 19. If you were going to bone just one Star Wars character, who would you pick?
  • #O_O#  Well..I think you already know what my answer would be
  • 20. If you could BE one SW character, EU or not, who would you be?
  • ugh, maybe Asajj Ventress or Aurra Sing
  • 21. What would your SWU name be?
  • can't think of nothin' *pulls up Star Wars name generator* OK, I'd be Reiko Mohandai...not bad for a name generator, not baaad...
  • 22. What color would your lightsaber be, what kind would it be (double-bladed, single blade), would you dual wield, and what kind of grip would it have?
  • Red. Double-bladed. I don't know what kind of grip.
  • 23. Do you own SW merchandise?
  • Yes, I have some Cad Bane stuff, a couple of the movies, and Battlefront II for PC
  • 24. How much, to date, do you think you've spent on SW merch?
  • Honestly? $70 is a pretty safe bet
  • 25. What is your favorite SW possession?
  • Battlefront II
  • 26. Do you have a favorite SW artist? If so who?
  • at the moment, no, but I wish I did
  • 27. Are there items you do not own but covet? What are they?
  • Yes. let's see, a Clone Wars fleece throw and a Stormtrooper outfit
  • 28. Are there items that are not made but that you wish were made? What are they?
  • A Cad Bane bean plushie!! an authentic Cad Bane hat! Cad Bane breathing tubes!! (okay, I'm good now..)
  • 29. Did Han shoot first?
  • What?? I guess...
  • 30. Did Boba Fett, in your opinion, ever leave the Sarlacc or did he die there?
  • He stayed.
  • 31. Are there things about the movies you wish you could change? If so, name 3.
  • less Anakin whining in the prequels, better and more complex plot for Return of the Jedi, and more villains.
  • 32. Which era would you want to live in?
  • Rise of the Empire
  • 33. What Star Wars games have you played?
  • Battlefront II and just about all the Lego games
  • 34. Do you play/own Star Wars miniatures?
  • I have three Mini Mighty Muggs, if those count
  • 35. Favorite SW costume for men?
  • I don't know, the Stormtrooper, I guess
  • 36. Favorite SW costume for women?
  • Leia's slave-bikini outfit! (LOL, just kidding, I have no idea...)
  • 37. Have you ever dressed up as a SW character? Who/When/Why?
  • When I was little I tried dressing up as Han Solo...didn't work out so well...
  • 38. Do you ever have SW sex fantasies? If so, have you ever acted them out?
  • I, well, I do not know how to answer that.
  • 39. Do you do any SW fan art? Can we see it?
  • Yup, I do some fan art on my deviantART which you can find HERE
  • 40. Have you ever written SW fan fiction? Can we read it?
  • Yes again, I have some on FFN HERE
  • 41. Have you been to a Celebration or plan on going to CVI?
  • It would be nice, but waayyy to expensive and far away :'(
  • 42. Have you ever been to Disney's Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World?
  • Nope! see above!
  • 43. Do you wish they had Disney's Star Wars Weekends at Disneyland?
  • "
  • 44. Best section you've experienced on Star Tours?
  • Never done it...
  • 45. What initially brought you to the Star Wars fandom?
  • Watching them when I was little and then growing up on the movies
  • 46. Do you consider yourself a SW Fanboy or Fangirl?
  • uh, neither, I just like Star Wars a lot
  • 47 Have you seen Fanboys? Favorite character and/or quote?
  • LOL, no, not yet
  • 48. Are you happy that they're making Episodes VII, VIII, and IX?
  • I was until they started doing some ungodly things to the franchise because of Episode VII...
  • 49. Do you think they should continue the Skywalker legacy or use entirely new characters? Or something different?
  • I'd like to see new characters but a little input on what happened to the Skywalker's.
  • 50. Do you watch The Clone Wars?
  • I watched The Clone Wars. *sniff*


  1. Cad/Aurra? They'd make a deadly pair.
    Eh... I've never been to those celebrations, too. Not even the local ones.
    This looks fun, by the way. :) Since I'm out of posting ideas, I'll probably do this soon.

  2. Great Star Wars Questonnaire! :D I like your answers :D
    So when you ship Rako Hardeen/Cade Bane, you kind of ship Obi-Wan with Cad Bane? XD ;) That's pretty cool :)

    I think I'll do this one too :D

    1. Aha, thanks...
      Yeah, I actually have this whole head canon with a bromance/slash between Bane and Hardeen, when Hardeen (Obi-Wan) starts to enjoy being Hardeen too much and feels bad about betraying Bane, so he goes back to being Hardeen. Or a more crack-pairing one where Obi-Wan gets amnesia as Hardeen and forgets he's Obi-Wan...lol, it's so complicated!

  3. Good Qustonnaire thing, I will have to try it something.
    Thanks for the link to the Star Wars voting bracket, I'm hoping for Solo and Vader in the finals!


    1. Thanks, and sure thing, I look forward to seeing the final showdown and if it came down to Han Solo and Vader that would be really cool!