Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Now that I have your attention, I have some great news!

I have self-published my e-book Resistance, and now have my own supply of paperback copies.

To celebrate the first anniversary/birthday of ITSOMWBH, I will be giving away 1 copy of my book...for FREE.

The catch?  My blog must first have 50 followers.

So if you would like to win a free copy of my book - a high-quality paperback crime-drama novel - follow if you aren't already and start spreading the word to your fellow bloggers.  Share the news on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking.


And in case you are wondering if you would even want to read it or not, follow THIS LINK to Amazon.com, where you can read the first chapter as a FREE sample. Then if you are interested and decide you would like to find out the rest of the story, you can start sharing this news so we can reach 50 followers.

==Resistance is a crime/psychological drama set in a dismal near future. It is about psychic abilities, organized crime, and political revolution. For anyone who enjoys a story that explores deep moral issues and is rich with twists and turns, rising suspense, and a surprise ending. (Note: NOT recommended for age 13 or under.)==


  1. So, are you saying anyone who spreads the word about your blog gets a copy when your blog reaches 50 followers?


    1. No, not exactly...once I have 50 followers I will do a drawing, so anyone who is following gets the chance to win.

    2. Thank you for explaining. I will share a link to your blog on Twitter. :)


  2. I'll share as well :) And I'm going read the book really soon(sorry for the delay), since school is nearly out and I'll have a lot more time :) Looking forward to starting it :)

  3. I'll share your blog :) The book looks awesome to me, but also a book for adults. Maybe I'll give it a try; I hope I can :D