Thursday, May 23, 2013

Interview with Grace Fallon

I had a great time interviewing Grace from To Thine Own Self Be True! Check out the interview below.

SW: First, tell me about The Lakehouse Forums. Whose idea was it? How did you get it started? What have been the biggest benefits and opportunities because of TLF?

GF: The Lakehouse Forums is a special forum/message board for female Star Wars fans. We have Christian morals, but we aren't like one of those "IF YOU AREN'T A CHRISTIAN WE WON'T ACCEPT YOU" places. We love everyone. :)  And I co-own and operate the site with my good friend Amaranthine. The idea for our own forum was mine actually, and was started by a girl who went by the user-name Leia. She left a while ago however, leaving the forum and all it's responsibility to me and Amaranthine.  Biggest opportunity and benefit from TLF would be Celebration VI, where we got to meet up and had merchandise (t-shirts and wrist bands!) and got to spend 4 days with our closest friends. It was a blast. I love every single one of my Lakehouse "sisters" and I'm so blessed to get to know them all!!!

SW: I know Star Wars is your biggest fandom. What makes Star Wars so important to you and how has it had an influence on your life? And if you want you can also share any Alternate Universes or OTP's.

GF: Star Wars is definitely my biggest and most important fandom. I've been a Star Wars fan for about 4 or 5 years now I think, and it has absolutely taken over my life. :) I'm not too sure how to explain why it means so much to brought me to find all my friends, find myself, and be the person I am today.  I have been infinitely blessed by Star Wars in general, and I don't know what I'd do or where I'd be without it!!  I adore the Expanded Universe, most especially the X-Wing books (Rogue and Wraith Squadron!!) and Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker. ;) They are my Star Wars OTP.  I have dedicated the past year and a half to writing a Star Wars Alternate Universe with some of my best friends, which is called "ORPAS" (Of Rebel Pilots and Starfighters).  We have a website that explains it all and has some of the writing on it, if anyone is interested. ;)  (

SW: List your top five fictional characters (non-Star Wars included.)

GF: Top 5 Fictional Characters? This is really really hard for me. I have way too many favorites.
5. Claudia Donovan (Warehouse 13!)
4. Hawkeye and Natasha (Clintasha, as a couple) (The Avengers)
3. Captain America
2. The Doctor (Doctor Who)
1. Mara Jade (very closely tied with Luke Skywalker, Mirax Terrik, and Hobbie Klivian, all from Star Wars Expanded Universe)

SW: What are your favorite ways to contribute to your fandoms? (art, fics, collecting, etc.)

GF: I contribute to fandom primarily with writing. I write fanfiction OBSESSIVELY and absolutely adore it. I've tried my hand at fanart, and...well....I tried. Haha! I'm much better at writing than drawing. I also run The Lakehouse Forums, and I flaunt my world with Her Universe. :)

SW: Any crazy, wild, or interesting experiences you've had because of one of your fandoms?

GF: Too many to count? Haha!! I have had so many ridiculous experiences....I've broken down sobbing over various shows, mostly in the comfort of my own home. But apparently I "black out" when I fangirl really hard, because I have absolutely no recollection of how ridiculous I was. When my best friend Savanna slept over at my house for the first time she filmed me watching the Legend of Korra Season finale, and I was a TOTAL MESS. It was hilarious to go back and watch, because I honestly don't know how she still likes me after that event. I managed to pull myself together in 15 minutes though so we could go see The Avengers in movie theaters for the 6th time. ;)  Other experiences include getting to go to a private Her Universe party at Celebration VI, where I literally BUMPED into celebrities. Me and a few other TLF girls chased down Matt Lanter, and Tom Kane stepped on my foot. I backed into Dee Bradley Baker and he apologized and gave me a hug, that was sweet. ;) So many more experiences, everything from someone showing me their Star Wars tattoo because I was wearing a Star Wars shirt, to speaking in quotes in public and having random strangers recognize it!! ;)

SW: Tell me a bit about your experience with homeschooling. What do you like most about homeschooling? What are some fun things you got to do because of homeschooling?

GF: Ooh homeschooling!! :) I've been homeschooling for....6 years? Maybe? I lost count, LOL. I went to a private school as a kid, and when I hit middle school my mom started homeschooling me. Best experiences ever. I have learned so much and I keep learning more. :) I LOVE homeschooling and plan on homeschooling my own children in the future. Everything is fun about homeschooling, but some of my favorite memories include going to Disney World in the middle of the week (and meeting my best friend there!!) and taking various field trips whenever we want. :D I love laughing and joining in the hilarity of my family, my sister and Mom and I have way too much fun. ;)

SW: I've read you are a writer. What do you like to write about the most?

GF: I am indeed a writer, and I consider writing my ultimate passion. :) I love to write fanfiction, though I am working on some original works as well. ;) My favorite thing about writing is probably getting reactions from my readers, I love to hear what people have to say about my writing!! I also love getting lost in the story, to the point where I feel like I AM my characters! ;) It's great.

SW: What made you want to start writing? Who are your favorite authors?

GF: I have always been a writer, I would come up with stories and write them down as a little kid, and color my own story books, and when I was old enough to type I started to type my own stories as well. Now that I take my writing more seriously, I consider some of my biggest inspirations to be my friends, and also all the books I read as a kid! I read a TON. I can't even count all my favorite authors. One person who I remember that made me start to think seriously about writing is Victoria Kasten (her name is changed now. I believe she was married, but I can't remember her married name LOL).  Victoria wrote two novels and published them by herself. She also wrote a book series for younger kids. I met her at our local homeschool convention (which I'm attending next week!) and she told me her story about self publishing and really inspired me. I started to think harder about the ideas floating in my head and went for it. :) The fanfiction inspiration came from my good friend Nanci, as I read her stories I absolutely fell headfirst in love with them and wanted nothing more than to write as well as she does. ;) I still look to her for inspiration!

SW: I've also read that you've written two novels to date. Would you like to briefly discuss what they are about and what we can expect? Are we going to see these books published anytime soon?

GF: Eeek! I have actually probably written about 4 full novels, and maybe 3 or 4 novellas (shorter than a novel but longer than a short story!).  3/4 of the novels I've written are fanfics, one of which will be available on the site I provided earlier (for ORPAS).  One of the others is still being edited, and another is an Alternate Universe of our Alternate Universe and will probably be read by no one. Haha! The last fanfic novel is for mine and my friend/co-author's Avengers fanfic canon, which is entitled Warrior Hearts. :) I wrote that for last NaNoWriMo and it is still being edited as well. The 4th novel we don't talk about. Ever. I wrote it, but it's hidden within the depths of my computer never to be seen again. ;)
The novellas are either finished and awaiting editing, or finished with editing and awaiting to be published on our ORPAS site.  The majority of my writing is fanfic. ;) That's changing now though, as the story I'm currently working on is 100% original and quite intriguing if I do say so myself. ;D

SW: What is your dream occupation?

GF: My dream occupation would be to be a best selling author, or a writer for a movie/television franchise. Most especially for one of my major fandoms. :) That would be amazing.  Other than that, I want to be a homeschool mom. :)

SW: Where do you see yourself doing five years down the road?

GF: Five years from now I see myself in college, still writing, still obsessing over various fandoms, and hopefully either living with or living a lot closer to my best friends, who are all pretty far away from where I live now.

SW: And finally to wrap this up, share something about yourself that most people would think is weird or insane!

GF: Weird or you mean EVERYTHING? ;) LOL!! Hmmmm...I have an obsession with cornbread. I absolutely adore the stuff. That and BBQ pulled pork. Give me pulled pork and cornbread and I'm the happiest girl ever.  ;)


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