Monday, May 20, 2013

"Star Wars: Rebels"

There has been lots of buzz lately about a rumored new Star Wars television series created by Dave Filoni (who also did Star Wars: The Clone Wars). Just today the announcement was made official...Filoni and crew are working on a series titled "Star Wars: Rebels". Check out the video below:

From what I'm reading, this series will be set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, which is an era no Star Wars series or film has touched on before but is also one of my favorite periods in the timeline. The series will also focus a lot on the early stages of the rebellion and the hunting down of the Jedi. Those are two things about the Star Wars universe, I feel, haven't been touched on enough and sort of left in the dark, so I really look forward to seeing how this turns out.

This could also be the absolution to all the questions left unanswered because of The Clone Wars' cancellation. My immediate intuition is to hope that the fates of many Clone Wars characters will be shown in "Star Wars: Rebels" - characters like Ahsoka, Darth Maul, and of course, Cad Bane. If they get to make an appearance and carry on their legacy in the Star Wars universe (rather than, heaven forbid, all we get is new characters and cameos of character with fates we're already familiar with), "Star Wars: Rebels" could be amazing.

But, then again, that is all I know about it so far, and my hope for this new series may tilt in either direction depending on future announcements. For now, though, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Although I did also read that fans attending Celebration Europe will get an exclusive sneak peek, so hopefully we'll be able to find some leaked footage...

"Star Wars: Rebels" will debut in Fall 2014.


  1. so is it going to be like a Force Unleashed?!?!? oh my goodness yes.....I am so excited....

  2. If it does not turn into a kid's show, this will be amazing! Cad Bane, older Boba Fett, and anyone who survived Ep. III could be in this and the series could continue for a very long time, unlike the Clone Wars.