Monday, May 13, 2013

Tea and Things and Announcement

The older I get, the less I need big things to make me elated or happy. When I was younger I was overjoyed when my parents took me to the movie theatre or I got to go on a roller coaster. Not so much anymore; in fact, both said activities increasingly bore me. It's the little things that make me elated more and more. I'm starting to feel like I don't exactly need big things to get excited about life or have something to look forward to. And of course big things are great - my upcoming mission trip to Thailand is a prime example! But even without the big things I can still be happy. I don't need to go to prom night or homecoming to get an energy boost...I can get much more out of reading a good history book or spending quality time with the people I love. Not to say that prom is bad or no one should go; for people who love it, by all means, they can have fun with it.

But I used to always mark my calendar with the next big thing. That is, what I'm looking forward to the most. And that's not a bad thing, but if our minds are only focused on the next thing, we lose the joy of the present. We forget that there are so many little things to be happy for right here, right now. It's okay to look forward to big things like a trip or a birthday, but don't judge your year this New Year's Eve by how many of those big events you had. I think doing that can snag one in the mindset of they can only get an emotional high or have a good time when something big happens.

My idea of a good time is working for four hours outdoors then sitting on the back porch with an iced tea to watch the sunset. Or taking an evening ride down a county road with the windows down so you can smell the fresh grass and the hay. Or something as simple as going out for coffee or watching an old documentary. Parties and dancing are all fun, but it's not my cup of tea.

Speaking of tea, I have some good news...I used to drink at least one cup of coffee a day, usually two and sometimes three. Well with spring resolutions (I actually have more fun starting resolutions in the spring rather than New Year's; something about the fresh air and new life is motivating!), I decided I was going to break that habit. For the first couple days I was tired and had headaches. But this past week I did not need any coffee in the morning and only drank two or three cups the whole time! In coffee's place I have been drinking a lot of green tea which is supposed to be a very healthy alternative. Now that the weather is warm again, and I think snow is officially gone, I get to take morning walks and runs again. So I have a new sense of energy and rejuvenation. It's a good feeling to kick bad habits out of the way. Anyway, I'll be spending most of May getting what online college work done that I can and preparing for Thailand, while fitting in a few more books and movies to fill in the little gaps.

And of course as the the title says, I have an announcement to make...well, I should say, it's more like a preview announcement. This blog's one-year anniversary is in two weeks (May 28), and for the anniversary I'm going to make a very special announcement. I'm not going to say exactly what it is now, but I can say it involves a free giveaway to my followers. So now would be the great time to get more people following my blog because it's something you don't want to miss out on!  Ta!

-Stilwater <><


  1. Congrats on breaking your habit! I never wanna start coffee :) Great post and I, too, think it's the little things though I like the big things too.
    May 28! Coming soon :D

    By the way, did you get my email? I wasn't sure.

    1. Thanks! Both my parents love coffee so I was determined not to get hooked on it, but luckily now I'm breaking the habit.
      And yes, I did get your email :) Sending a reply very soon!

  2. I love the little things:) I think I mention that in every blog post I've ever written. haha.
    and I cant wait for your blogiversary! YAY!!! I love your blog!:D

    1. Wow, thanks so much! I love yours too!