Friday, July 19, 2013

The good and the other

Gladly nothing really bad (yet).

Good things happening right now...

~My blog is getting a huge re-vamp done and it will be up sometime during the week of August 4th. Robyn is doing the designing and the blog is going to look awesome! I'm very excited to give In The Shade a new, fresh feel and layout.

~I had a great movie marathon the Monday before last with a friend. Both our parents were gone at the hospital with my sister so we decided to have our friend over for a sleepover. We introduced her to three movies: The Hunger Games, Inception, and Les Miserables. She loved them a lot! Now we're all going to see the midnight premiere of Catching Fire in November. It's going to be so much fun. I get so much pleasure from pulling other people into my fandoms!

~I started volunteering part-time at a local pregnancy resource center. I will mostly be doing clerical and yard work and helping redesign the counseling room. The pro-life/pro-choice debate is something I feel strongly about so I feel like this will be a good experience for me.

~My mom and sister are coming home tonight! My sister had a kidney surgery a week and a half ago and we were hoping they would be home in a couple days. But a lot of complications came up so they've been gone much longer than we thought they would. We got to visit them on Sunday, though. I'll be so excited to see them again!

The other:

~The heat! It was actually warmer in Thailand and would easily top 100 degrees in the afternoons, and we had no air-conditioning there either, so I can't complain too much. The other day my brother's car broke down in the middle of traffic so I had to walk a couple miles to the pregnancy center in mid-afternoon, which wasn't all that fun because I had no cool water on me. Also, our van's air conditioner is busted and my mom and sister have to ride three hours in that thing. I'm just glad the air conditioner in our house is still working!

Although summer isn't entirely bad. I like summer in that I get to pick fresh raspberries from the backyard, ride the lawnmower for hours singing songs to myself, and get my feet so dirty they turn black (which actually happened yesterday; it was awesome). But I do not like the humidity or heat, or the bugs. Or all the fireworks and parades. So...I'm just going to make the most of summer while it's still here.

In other news, I'm going to a two-day leadership conference in August, watching more Vampire Diaries and Black Butler, and keeping my Internet eyes open for news from Comic Con and the upcoming Star Wars Celebration. Hopefully, it's all good news. I've been hearing more about Star Wars: Rebels lately and I feel highly disappointed...I just hope something good can be announced about Star Wars that will make up for that. If they canceled The Clone Wars for a show about rebellious teenagers fighting the Empire, I will have lost a lot of hope for the franchise.

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  1. I love Inception, I should probably have a movie marathon and make my friend watch Inception for the first time.
    Summer is not my favorite season either, I prefer cold weather, which is rare where I live.
    If Star Wars Rebels is about what you just said, I would lose hope as well. I really hope that it does not disappoint and I hope that Cad Bane will make an appearance.