Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Blog Layout!

The new layout for the blog is up!

A big thanks to Robyn for all her hard work and effort to make this new blog look amazing. I think it has a much smoother, relaxed, and more professional look now, and I am very pleased with it.

So how do all my followers like the new look?

I am currently thinking of some ideas of what to add to various blog updates. I am considering some movie/book/TV reviews, so let me know if that sounds like something you would be interested in.

By the way, I have 20 followers now...which means we're not quite to the halfway point where I will give away ONE FREE COPY of my book!



  1. Superb new look. The black letters on the white background have been my preferred colors, because it looks more professional and it is significantly easier to read. The cracked looking background with the black and white Cad Bane in the header looks great, I really like the overall color palette. I also followed your Twitter.
    I would most definitely be interested in movie and TV reviews.


  2. Wow! The new layout of your blog is fantastic! I like the cracked background and the black and white header; the effects on the letters that make them look worn and old are absolutely great. I look forward to more posts from you!


  3. Oh, I like your new blog layout. As your words were, it looks smooth, relaxed, and exudes that professional look fitted for what you do. But I think it would be more awesome if you put the covers of your books, and have a quick synopsis of each available here in your blog as well. That's a smiple, yet make for a great marketing strategy for your novels.

    Ken @NHStrategicMarketing.com