Wednesday, August 28, 2013

New Blog Post Ideas

I have some new ideas for posts on the blog, and I was wondering if any of you like them or would be interested in reading them.

The first idea is a weekly post about music . Every Saturday I would post 1-5 songs I am currently enjoying, old favorites, or songs that are centered around a main theme (ex: first day of school, holidays, fandoms, etc.). Since I listen to just about every genre of music I would cover a lot of ground, so I would rarely repeat myself. I'm thinking a title like "Weekly Songs", "Songs of the Week", or something like that. So, if I started sharing some of my music on the weekends, would anyone like that? Would anyone actually click on the links and listen to the songs I chose?

Another idea I have is to post some more book or movie reviews, as I've never really done that before but I would like to give it a try, since I love reading books and watching movies a lot. They probably wouldn't be too often, but once in a while if I feel like talking about one I already read or watched, and then I'd get into reviewing them as I recently finish them (and I would also try to be nice about keeping my reviews spoiler free, or at least give a big warning if there is a spoiler!)

I also want to post some more of my deeper, more insightful thoughts on the blog, instead of just all my rambling and so forth. I'm a bit tired of saying what's on my mind all the time instead of what's in my heart. Would anyone care to read those as well?

So, please, let me know what you think of these ideas for new posts! I would love to hear your thoughts. If I start a new trend in posting I want to know you guys would actually want to read them. Okay, thanks!


  1. I would love to read some of your deeper thoughts! I love all that you write on the blog about Hannah. and I've been looking for some new music to listen to so I'm down for music posts!:) I'll really read anything you post. lol. I love this blog:)

    1. I will definitely try the music post. Some of my deeper thoughts are harder to post because they are personal, but I am willing to try it.

      Thank you so, so much!! <3

  2. Hi, I love your new ideas for blog posts! I'm always looking for more music to listen to, so I would definitely listen to whatever you recommend. Also go ahead and post movie and/or book reviews, as well as inner thoughts; I would definitely read those! These are great ideas, and will help to make your already great blog even better!:):):)

    1. I will give the music post a go for sure :)

      Thank you so much for your input! I really want to add more "life" or "pizazz" to my blog :)