Saturday, September 14, 2013

Song of the Week - Guilty Pleasures

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche

 This week I'll dig a little more embarrassing and share my "guilty pleasure" artists. Music I listen to when no one is watching. Music I'm a bit afraid to admit I listen to.
Note: a few of these songs are labeled as "explicit", so I made the links the clean versions of the songs. If you would prefer the explicit version, I included those either below or right next to the song in brackets :) .  

"Berzerk" - Eminem

~be a rebel, get up and start living, and if you're angry it's time to take action~

// I am not a fan of rap music no matter how hard I try, but Eminem is the only existing exception to this. Maybe it's because he has a unique voice and style, or because he is the most acclaimed white rapper of all time, I'm not sure. I would probably never let anyone IRL know about this favorite of mine, but I honestly love Eminem's music. Some of his music is very dark and focused on negative emotions, but others are also quite deep and insightful, so it's a strange mixture of themes give or take. I can't say I enjoy all of his songs,  though, as some of them are just too vulgar or explicit for me.  //

"Scheiße" - Lady Gaga

~a little Europe, a touch of bass, and a lotta attitude~

// I have to admit, I like Lady Gaga's music. It's catchy, raw, and has a lot of great talent behind it. I also love her voice; it's so unique and expressive. But almost everyone I know IRL hates Lady Gaga, so I am reluctant to admit she is one of my favorite pop artists. And this song has German can you not love it? //

Other favorites:
"Marry The Night""Americano", "Government Hooker"

"Ich Will- Rammstein

~do you see me? do you understand me? do you hear me?~

// Dark, edgy stuff, but sometimes I enjoy listening to it anyway. I like Rammstein partly because they are helping me with my German (haha, true story), but I've always had a soft spot for heavy metal when it's suitable. This is my favorite song by the band because of its epic feel and political themes. I almost never listen to them anymore, though; my ears hurt after a while. //

Other favorites:
"Sonne", "Ohne Dich", "Du Reichst So Gut"


  1. Very nice:)
    Yeah, I think we all have that music that we listen to but don't want anyone to know that we listen to. lol. I have a respect for Eminem but I only know a few of his songs. I know a lot of the lyrics to some of his songs and they're pretty legit.
    Lady Gaga....meh. And I've never heard of that last one.

  2. Yay! LOVED this music post. Yeah, pretty much ALL of the pop/secular music I listen to most people don't know about--my little guilty pleasures, as you put it. I LOVED mockingbird by Eminem; it is so heartfelt and realistic, very gut-wrenching. The Lady Gaga stuff--thanks for recommending these songs; I'm hooked now. I'd listened to a few of her songs in the past but didn't find any that really caught my attention. Of course, I don't speak/understand any German, but the Rammestein songs have some pretty great lyrics. Thanks again; you're really expanding my music horizons with these fabulous posts!