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Star Wars Opinions - Part 2/2

In my previous Star Wars Opinions post (which you can check out HERE) I summarized my thoughts up two upcoming Star Wars related projects, Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Rebels. For this post I will conclude Opinions with my thoughts on:

  • the Star Wars Origin films
  • "The Clone Wars" bonus footage
  • Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars: Origin Films

Score: 3.5/10

These were announced in October 2012...you know, that fateful week where Disney bought Lucasfilm and everyone went insanely crazy insanely fast? All that is official is basically this: we will most likely have an Origin film about Han Solo and Boba Fett. There is also talk of a Yoda Origin film, but I don't think this has been confirmed yet.

Now, for starters, I do not see these Origin films as lost causes. That is because we simply do not know enough about them yet to judge them. We don't know what the plot will be, what the setting will be, and who are making these movies in the first place. We don't know what these movies are going to attempt to explain or portray in regards to character origins.  And of course, there is no telling how they will tie in with Star Wars: Rebels, Episode VII, or more. That being said...what was Disney thinking?! Trying to fit in a bunch of Origin films into the Star Wars universe is a severe threat to the sanctity of the two trilogies. It's a six-part, complete saga of films with all the comics, TV shows, etc. filling in the gaps, and I feel really speculative about filling in those gaps with more movies.

A Yoda origin film could be interesting, but I think it would mostly be a bunch of CGI eye candy intertwined with strange philosophical prose on the Force. I do not want to sit through two-and-a-half hours of that! An origin film about the Old Republic with Yoda as one of the lead roles sounds better. As for the Han Solo and Boba Fett idea, I think it can be done but it's walking a very fine line. The idea of a new actor playing Han Solo could go both ways. Either this new actor is going to portray a whole new side to Han that is approached with both respect to Harrison Ford's original performance and the audacity to introduce a whole new side to the character (like Benedict Cumberbatch's take on Sherlock Holmes)...OR, he is going to totally blow it. Whoever they pick is going to have a lot of high expectations to live up to, and I really hope the actor can pull it off. However, I'm not near as worried about Boba Fett; if Daniel Logan (who played young Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II) is going to come back for the role, I'm sure he'll do a great job.

Here are my final thoughts. I think if they really want to tell the origin stories of various Star Wars characters, it should be in the form of a TV miniseries and/or adult graphic novels. With a miniseries they would not have to stretch it out to the duration of a full-length movie, which means more focus on the story and character development rather than an overabundance of fan service. As for adult graphic novels, this has never really been done in the Star Wars franchise before, and I think it would turn out great if they did. If they did graphic novels, no one would have to get upset over the choice of actors, directors/producers, writers, and so on. Making these into movies sounds like a bad idea at this stage.

"The Clone Wars" bonus footage 

Score: 10/10

After our beloved show "The Clone Wars" was cancelled last March, it was officially announced that the completed episodes from what would have been Season Six will be released as "Bonus Content". So far the rumors are that they will come out online, possibly through Apple TV, and as soon as this October. Here is the basic scoop of all I know...we will have an arc with Plo Koon, a Yoda arc, an arc with Rush Clovis and Embo, and (most importantly!) one or more arcs showing us the fates of characters like Cad Bane, Asajj Ventress, and (I think) Hondo Ohnaka. We will also see Boba Fett and Cad Bane working alongside each other in one of these arcs.

I've already made it clear how upset and sad I was that they let TCW go so abruptly like that. But when I heard that we will at least get a little more of the show, I became happy again. And when I heard that Cad Bane will be back, much less in the company of Boba Fett and possibly Asajj Ventress, I was excited!

So am I looking forward to this bonus content? Yes, a hundred times yes, I am!! I am super, super pumped to see what happens! Ever since Cad Bane was introduced a lot of people have compared him to Boba Fett - and on goes the debate of who is more "badass", but that is another post for another time - so finally seeing them in cahoots is going to be awesome! Plus, it will be really cool to see how their relationship pans out. Recently I've been really obsessed with more stuff with Cad Bane and Boba Fett together. Every time I realize how soon this bonus content may be arriving I go crazy.

Although...I was tempted to give this a 9.5 instead. A part of me is extremely worried that this Bane/Boba arc will throw in some Original Trilogy fan service and make the two engage in a duel that Bane horribly loses, and Boba kills him with ease. I would hate to see this because Boba, even if he is badass, is still young and has a lot to learn. So if they use this arc to please the die-hard Boba fans I will not just be disappointed but irredeemably heartbroken. Plus, we know Boba Fett has to make it out alive, but there is no telling for Bane. So, I'm just not going to think about it and try to make it through this content without pulling my hair out...

Star Wars: Episode VII

Score: 4.5/10

I'm not even going to try to summarize the "official" news about the new Star Wars sequels, because so many of them are rumors! All I know for sure is that J. J. Abrams is directing Episode VII, Mark Hamill is coming back, and the cast is looking for a bunch of younger actors.

My feelings toward Episode VII and onward are...shaky, to say the least. It's very similar to how I feel about the Origin films. To be honest, I feel like the sequels will tarnish the two golden trilogies and throw off the whole saga, sort of like those movie sequels that were uncalled for. When it comes to what new "stuff" I want Star Wars to bring us, movie sequels were one of the last things on my mind. However, I can't fully disagree on the sequel films because, again, I'm not sure what to expect from them. I've only seen one J. J. Abrams film, Super 8, and I thought it was very good, but I'm not sure how well he will pull off a Star Wars film.

The main reason I don't like the idea of Star Wars sequels is that the whole film saga was about Anakin Skywalker. The Prequel Trilogy was about his turn to the Dark Side, and the Original Trilogy was about his turn to redemption through his son, Luke. That was the main story of Star Wars and it all centered around that one character. Adding sequels without Anakin/Vader will ruin that aspect of the saga, and I don't like that at all. I also don't like what I've read about the main cast. Plus, it sounds like right now they are literally scrambling together a script and so forth, and it doesn't sound like this has been a movie a few years in the making, so the story will probably have a lot of loose ends and problems that are obvious from the start. Finally, this is going to throw the whole EU out of whack completely, and the Star Wars canon is already messed up to begin with!

But like I said, I don't feel completely bad about Episode VII. I am interested to see what they can pull off. The SW Universe is so vast with hundreds and hundreds of characters, locations, stories, and history, adding sequels could also add a new level of depth to the saga. As it stands with the Origin films, most of my opinions on Episode VII just have to wait and see until we know a lot more about it. Basically I just hope these films honor the first six films while branching out farther and deeper into the SW Universe, and don't get too caught up in fan service.

I'm looking forward to it, but I'm not looking forward to it.

So, that just about wraps up my thoughts on Star Wars stuff. I planned to post this yesterday, but we lost our Internet and I was sick. Anyway...I would love to hear your thoughts on any of the topics I covered!

What are you looking forward to the most? What are you looking forward to the least? What do you hope to see in Episode VII, Rebels, and so on?

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