Friday, October 18, 2013

Songs of the Week - Thought-Provoking

"Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet."
― Plato 

 This week is a collection of a few choice songs that are the most thought-provoking to me. Songs that have to make me stop and slowly digest, and they stick with me for a long time! Hope you enjoy 

// This song always makes me smile. It describes an interesting way of looking at God and our perception of Him. Do people still mock God when the whole world turns against them? Does God even have a sense of humor? So much interesting stuff to ponder. And Regina Spektor has such a sweet voice //

// Such a sad, beautiful song. I can think of several people I know off the bat when I listen to this. It's thought-provoking in that it makes you think about how you can help others who are hurting and be a close friend even if it's hard works sometimes //

// I've always thought of this as a song about the media and western culture in general. It's very insightful especially considering the huge fan following of the band, Linkin Park. There is a raw, honest truth about it. //

// One of those songs that gives you a chill. There are two versions, the original (which I linked here) and the Christmas version. Both leave you with some rather haunting questions. I'm not a huge Casting Crowns fan but I love their Christmas CD "Peace on Earth". It is beautiful. //

// I've known this song since I was just an infant. It means more to me every time I listen to it, especially the chorus. One of those songs that is very close to my heart. I think of God and my life and family and I cry whenever I listen to it. Dammit, I'm crying right now! //


  1. I've also know If I Stand since I was an infant. my mom always loved that song. (I actually just heard it this morning because she was playing it.) and I used to hate it. lol. because I had no idea what it meant. but when they played it for the first time at youth group I finally understood it and I started sobbing. it hit me so hard how beautiful the song was.

    Laughing With is also a great song:)

    1. Yup, me too. I didn't get it for a long time but I knew the words. And then one day it just "clicked" for me. It's one of my top favorite songs...heck, maybe even my all-time favorite. (I get weepy just thinking about it!)

      BTW, I just want to say thank you for all of your wonderful comments! It is so encouraging to get feedback on my posts, and a lot of times it makes my whole day :) And also, my sister was so excited to see she had a new follower, so I want to thank you for that too. Just, you are awesome :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these songs; they really were a group of very thought-provoking songs! Interestingly, 'While You Were Sleeping' brought back many wonderful, but bittersweet, memories for me. Several years ago, when I used to attend this homeschool group with several other homeschoolers, I sang that song at with several friends at a Christmas concert. I remember I loved that song, but I haven't thought about it in years, and seeing it here just brought back a whole slew of memories.:) Thanks for sharing these!

    1. That's really cool, and I can totally relate to songs bringing back memories like that. It does feel very bittersweet, but it makes things that happened a long time ago feel closer again. You're very welcome :)