Monday, November 4, 2013


These are pretty fun to do just to let my followers know how things are going, and I felt like doing it!

Currently listening:
Opera, Gregorian, Tchaikovsky, Frank Sinatra, Death Note and Star Wars OST, and some Christmas stuff. The only times I listen to music are pretty much while I'm studying, writing, and sometimes in the car. Pretty much 85% of all I listen to nowadays is opera, mostly arias and excerpts from the Baroque era!

Currently reading:
Several things! Death Note manga, Black Butler manga, Walk Across America 2 by Peter Jenkins, Piercing the Darkness by Frank Peretti, and Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters by C S Lewis (this is my second time through both of them). Oh yeah, and a book on spiritual warfare for a new study group. Then you could count a book I'm reading for my college course that is a lot of short stories. Plus all the awesome fanfics I'm subscribed to? That's a lot!

Currently drinking:

Coffee...almost every morning and sometimes in the afternoon, depends. I've found out how good Earl Grey tea is so I've been drinking that too. And drinks and water?

Currently missing:

I miss my brother. Oh, god, I miss him a lot. He's four-hundred miles away at college. It is because of my brother that boys are slightly less of a mystery to me, and I tried to help him understand girls. I get to see him for two days this week which makes me happy! I miss him so much!

Currently watching:

A ton of anime. Let's see...Higurashi, Hetalia, Shiki, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Hellsing, Chobits, Code Geass, and Attack on Titan. When I say I'm "watching an anime", that means I watch, at most, one episode a week. Or I'll go weeks without watching it and then watch three in a row. And they are in the order of how often I watch them too. The one I've made most progress in is Higurashi, which I love a lot. I'll write about it when I finish it. Hetalia is perfect at the end of a long day. The rest are ones I'm slowly putting dents in whenever I have the free time. Oh yeah, not to mention I'm going through Death Note for the fifth time!

Other than that it's mostly just random movies I pick up from the library, which usually consist of Gene Kelly and Humphrey Bogart movies.

This is Higurashi. The anime is DEFINITELY this cute, lighthearted, and adorable!!!

Currently feeling:

Um...I'm okay! I can get stressed because of college and just all the "stuff" of life, but I try to stay positive. I feel most happy this time of year because it has a lot of my favorite things...the holidays, hunting, school breaks, snow and cold and darkness, and some trips.

Currently writing:

A ton of essays for college. An Avengers AU fanfic. Trying to put dents in an original novel but it's tough. Other than that mostly outlining ideas and plots for originals and fanfics. And of course my long long essay on why I love Cad Bane.

Currently loving:

I love all my old-time actors. The list just keeps growing. Humphrey Bogart, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Gregory Peck, Lee Van Cleef, etc. I think half of all my favorite actors are dead.

I already said this but I love this time of year too! And the three fandom loves of my life: Star Wars, Death Note, and HBO War. I will always love them <3

Currently wishing:

I wish for a lot of things.

I wish my sister's health would improve. She is having a hard time getting to sleep at night and we have some ideas why but we're mostly baffled. Her condition is becoming more fragile and shaky...slowly, but surely. The bad part is not knowing what to do about it. She always has the doctors at Mayo Clinic scratching their heads. I don't know if this is just a phase or the start of something bad, but sometimes I wish things could be like they were only a couple years ago.

I wish I could meet certain people. I wish I had been able to shake Ray Bradbury's hand and tell him how much he changed my life before he passed away about eighteen months ago. I wish I could meet all my online buddies in real life so I can tell them in person how awesome they are. I wish I could sit down with my favorite writers for an afternoon and listen to their stories. I wish I could meet people like Peter Jenkins, William Guarnere, Nick Voichick, Tsugumi Obha, and Corey Burton.

This is a selfish one, but I also wish my book Resistance would become more popular online. That I make more sales off of it so I can pay for college. If that works out I would be so so happy!

Currently excited:

I have a lot of things to be excited for. I can't wait to see Thor: The Dark World and Catching Fire; they look so good! I love this time of year too - the snow, darkness, cold, holidays, and all other things it implies. I'm excited for my first deer hunting season and getting to try out one of my dad's rifles and it is a beauty...! I'm taking two trips to Chicago this month and both of them are going to be fun. Then I'm going on a really cool trip with my mom in December (I'll talk more about it when we get back!). And of course I love Christmas!

But what I'm most excited for is getting to see my brother two days this week, then for Thanksgiving break, and then (hopefully) the whole month of Christmas break!! I am very happy!!

Currently stressing:

I kind of already talked about this but my sister's health is enough of a stress-inducer in our house. And even though I love snow and cold that of course causes a lot of stress since we get a lot of it. My original writing has me stressed too because I'm simply losing the time to put the work into it that it needs.

Currently completed:

An essay for college (yay), now I have two more to do today (nay). Let's see, what else have I completed? I completed readjusting the scope on our .22 bolt-action rifle (it's so light and pretty!). I completed the Harry Potter movies almost a week ago as you already read about. Not too long ago I finished my first design for a custom coffee mug I'm going to make within the next month or so. I think...that's it.

Thanks y'all for actually reading about me and what is happening in my life right now...!


  1. Yeah, college is majorly stressful most of the time, especially when I have to maintain a B average to stay in college.

    I watch anime definitely in that I focus on generally one or two series at a time, especially since most anime is very focused and serialized, and many episodes end with cliffhangers. For most short anime series (12-26) episodes in length, I usually tend to finish one every two weeks or three weeks, unless the series is completely amazing like Death Note, Code Geass, or Steins Gate and then I just binge watch the series as fast as I can. :)

    I see what you are doing, although I have not seen Higurashi, I do know that it is nothing as the picture would suggest. I do have a question about the series though. Is the dub any good? I typically prefer the dub since I watch a lot of anime on my MP3 Player and I can't read subs on it, but I have heard that the dub was terrible. What is your opinion on it? I think I might start watching it after I finish Future Diary/Mirai Nikki.

    I hope your college goes well and that you receive good grades. :)


    1. The only anime I could say I've "binge watched" is Death Note; I finished it in under a month :P some anime depending on their length take me much longer to finish. Higurashi is brilliant and the English dub is not quite the quality that is most other dubs but I wouldn't consider it cringeworthy either. I don't have a problem with it at all. (Yup, I intentionally picked that picture to be misleading and very sarcastic...)

    2. Thanks= you for telling me. I will definitely watch the dub of Higurashi then. :)


  2. I totally get the missing your brother thing:P My brother is 45 minutes away and I miss him; I can't even imagine being in that position.

    But I love these posts:) nice job!

    1. It is not all that fun, but we are so blessed to live in the era of FaceTime and instant chatting. 10, 20 years ago the best was snail mail, so it's nice to talk to each other about once a week :)

      Thank you! I am glad that you enjoy reading them!!

  3. This post was a lot of fun to read; I'm thinking of doing something similar on my DeviantArt account sometime in the future. It feels like a LONG time since I commented on your blog...again busyyyyyness got in the way, but I'm catching up now. I love the bells you put in the corner of your blog; they are the perfect Christmas-y blog decoration.

    About your sister...I am praying for her and for your family, and I can tell that that and your brother's absence are things that really bother you a lot, and I want you to know you definitely have my sympathy and prayers on both counts. Other than that, it was fun to read about what you read, listen to, and write. How is online college going? What does it feel like to be an English major (English may very well end up being my minor a little while in the future). I hope to hear about your hunting trips sometime!:)

    1. They are very fun to do. And of course I totally get being busy...once every few weeks I realize how behind I am on reading/reviewing various fanfics and otherwise catching up on stuff. I loved decorating my blog for Christmas last year and I am glad you like this year's look :)

      Thank you, and you are in my prayers as well. When you're working toward an English major you have to do a LOT of reading and writing. It's cool because I enjoy those things and I'm glad that I get to graduate with an English major, but sometimes it isn't fun at all. Like those days where you just "can't write" but you have a paper you need to finish by the end of the week!!

      I have my first hunting experience a week from tomorrow or so, I think. I'm excited :)