Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Wish, I Hope

I Wish...

1. I wish I was born 90 years ago so I could live in the 1930's, '40's, and '50's.
2. I wish my book Resistance would become the next "Wool" or "The Hunger Games."
3. I wish I did not have allergies or a bad knee.
4. I wish we had space in our living room for a Christmas tree.

5. I wish I had been able to meet Ray Bradbury before he passed away.
6. I wish I could enjoy frivolous, blissful activities like I used to.
7. I wish I had been able to know my extended relatives better.
8. I wish my family had gone on more trips together other than just overnight hospital appointments.
9. I wish Loki was real so I could give him a hug and tell him I understand.

10. I wish I could afford to make an epic customized Cad Bane cosplay of my own.
11. I wish I could sing and write music.
12. I wish I had not clicked on that one alluring website advertisement at the ripe age of thirteen.
13. I wish I could protect my sister from all the cruel and dark things in this world.
14. I wish my future family will have three boys and three girls.
15. I wish my country was not so messed up.
16. I wish my youngest sister Hannah could walk and talk.
17. I wish I could have lived with the Greatest Generation.

I Hope...

1. I hope I can learn to enjoy the present while still adoring the past.
2. I hope I make enough right decisions so that I can spread my book's influence.
3. I hope I will keep building my strength and stamina despite physical setbacks.
4. I hope when I have my own house I will have space for a Christmas tree.
5. I hope I will one day memorize every single Ray Bradbury short story and novel.
6. I hope the smaller, simpler things will deep in meaning for me as the years go by.

7. I hope I raise my kids so their cousins are like second siblings and uncles and aunts second parents.
8. I hope I take my kids on many trips so they know their country and their world better.
9. I hope someday I can tell Tom Hiddleston how much he helped me with missing my brother since the two of them are so alike.

10. I hope I can do one "official" Cad Bane artwork for Lucasfilm someday.
11. I hope I will never stop trying to become a better writer.
12. I hope I continue to trust in the Lord to overcome my weaknesses and temptations every day.
13. I hope I will always be there for my sister no matter what trials she faces in life.
14. I hope I will someday be the best mother that I can be to my kids.
15. I hope I continue living and fighting for what our country should be, not what it is.
16. I hope I can make the most of however many years I have left with my sister Hannah.
17. I hope I can keep alive what the Greatest Generation fought and died for.

Thanks for reading.


  1. My mind was just don't even know.

    Holy crap this is probably the best blog post I've ever read. This is so beautiful<3 I can't even explain it. Seriously. Wow.

    (Number 9 though....yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyessssssssss.)

    And I really would like to buy your novel. Next time I have a job. And maybe for Christmas my mom could get it for me:)

    you're amazing<3

    1. Wow...thank you so so so much. That means SO MUCH to me. I was so happy to read your comment...thank you.

      I had a lot on my mind and it just poured out. "Wishes", the things I want that I can't have. "Hopes", the things I want that I CAN have if I don't give up.

      (Number 9, yes! Loki <3 )

      Oh, cool! Coming up in December I'm going to have a few days where the book will be free for download, as sort of a Christmas special. Or if you want a paperback copy we could arrange some sort of delivery via my brother and your friend if that could work :P

  2. Wow, this was a really heartfelt post. It's like there was this huge ball of emotion and you just poured it out for all of us to see, which really takes a lot of courage. I love the parallelism and contrast you worked into it--the wish-list was all the things you wanted,and then the hopes were the healthy ways you dealt with those wishes, turning them into...prayers. It really reminded me that the best thing you can do with dreams is give them to God, the One who cares the most and then wait to see what he does with them.

    I do hope your novel becomes more popular online and that you will reach your physical fitness goals!:)
    In the words of Yoruba language...O ku aforiti. (rough translation: commendations on your strength and endurance).

    In Christ,

    1. Thanks; I started by listing off all my "wishes", but then I started adding the "hopes. I like that...they are kind of like prayers. Kind of like accepting there are things I cannot have and there are things I just have to bring to God.

      thanks! :P that is a really cool phrase!!

  3. This....was beautiful. Brought me to tears. I really hope you can meet Tom Hiddleston one day. Lots of love <3