Monday, December 2, 2013

I Am Going to the Big Easy

For the second half of this week I am going on a trip down south to New Orleans with my mom and two family friends.

We have been planning this trip for over half a year, and I can't believe it came up so fast! Basically what happened is our family friend - who is super, super nice - decided my mom really needed to get out of the house for a change. Which is fairly accurate...when we went on our mission trip to Thailand last June, my mom had to stay home. So they used the money that would have gone to a trip to Europe on my mom and me.

We are going to New Orleans because of the World War II museum there. I don't even know what it's called officially, but I have heard it is a great museum. Me and this friend of mine are both avid learners of history, especially American history, and we both have a deep fondness for World War II. She was the one who recommended Flags of Our Fathers to me, and we both love the HBO War miniseries. I have not read a World War II book for a in, several months, my goodness. Maybe this trip will reignite the history learner in me.

Anyway, I have never ever been to the South before, so this should be an exciting and interesting trip! It is only for three days, thus, it's not like I am going to get the full taste of New Orleans, but still. I am so grateful to our friends for giving my mom a chance to go on such a great trip, and that she was thinking of me when she planned for us to go to this museum! I don't even know how to explain how happy I am...not just that I get to go to a place I've never gone before, to a place I've been dreaming of going to for a long time. But that someone would go this far out of their way just to give me and my mom a fun time together. (I'm just, I'm going to go cry as I start packing right now, okay?)

The one thing I do NOT look forward to is flying down and back. After Thailand, I realized how not cool traveling in airplanes is. The American airlines are the worst too. I miss the Asian airlines a lot. Anyway, it won't be a long flight so it won't be that bad. But I always prefer long road trips, you know, so you can do some real sightseeing, actually able to see the ground. But I'll stop. Compared to all that I am grateful for right now the last thing I should be doing is complaining about a two-three hour flight!

Let's see, what else is new?

I will be posting my review of "Catching Fire" soon, hopefully by Wednesday. I have some more "Songs of the week" planned, but I don't plan to post any Christmas-themed ones this year. Christmas music is just fine, but it's too much fun being a little grinch about it. Me and my dad are the grinches of the family; everyone else gets into the 'Christmas spirit' and whatnottiethings.

I am staying fairly ahead with college, pushing extra hard so I have more free time during the holidays. My working out routine suffers a bit during the winter because of my asthma, which is aggravated by exercise, but I refused to give up (grrr!). As of right now, I stayed up until half past midnight finishing an essay, and to stay awake I chugged down a whole Monster energy drink. Now I'm wide awake, the essay is done enough, and I don't know what I'm going to do until the caffeine wears off. Maybe I'll read something or write another chapter in something.

One last first hunting season was unsuccessful. Not one deer sighted. We have a couple more days for antlerless season, but damn, I was getting real hungry to get my hands on a big rack of my own. Maybe next year I'll nail that twelve-pointer finally. Until then I guess we will have to go without venison that year! All well...I can be a vegetarian. I can. I hope I can.

I'm done. Goodnight, or good afternoon, or good morning! I won't be going to sleep for a while!

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  1. Wo-ow, I'm way behind on commenting on your blog, but I am trying to catch up now. It was definitely very nice of your friend to send you on that trip to New Orleans. I've heard so many interesting things about that city, and since my current favorite TV show (The Originals) is set in New Orleans, my interest in that city has increased lately. Museums can provide such interesting experiences, and it must have been especially fun for you since you're such a history buff! College...I hope the workload isn't too much for you, and I hope you will have a fantastic time with your brother when he comes home from the holidays. Kudos to you for keeping up with your workout routine despite health challenges; winter is the time we kind of tend to laze around and neglect exercise (and eat a lot for the holidays, haha):P
    Yes, I do hope you get your first deer next year!