Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Before I Jump Back Into Studies

Hi everyone in the blogging world!

School break is pretty much over. My brother goes back to college on Friday, and my sister starts classes, well, whenever the schools are not closed down again this week. Since my college is online I can start whenever I want, so I've been slowly weaving it back into my schedule.

I slacked off a lot on holiday break. Sleeping in every day, writing and drawing for fun, and watching movies. Just yesterday I was taking a break from studying to go downstairs, and I found my brother watching Star Wars VI...needless to say I was done studying for the day. I have also tripled my coffee intake for the day. It does not help that our family gets up at different hours, some as early as 6:00, some as late as 11:00 (*coughSnowprincesscough*), so every time someone gets up they have to make a fresh pot. I can easily drink four to five cups in a day!

We did a ton of movie-watching over break, too. We watched Band of Brothers again, which is always something that sets my mind on the perspective it should be. We also watched some old favorites as well as movies only my parents had seen a long time ago. My dad and I accidentally took a break from watching Death Note (it's his second time; my fifth!). But now that break is almost over we will probably slow down on watching stuff. Also, I played a lot of ping-pong, poker, euchre, and did a couple puzzles! Finally I did some catching up on my original fiction writing and penned out some outlines for future fics. All in all it was a break I really needed because of how intense college has been, and it was fantastic to have the whole family together again.

But, it's time to get back to work. So there are a few things I need to do if I want to accomplish my goals for 2014. First, cut down on the coffee! Second, prioritize my time better...what I currently do is free time here, study there, and just jump back and forth how I like. If I am going to get more studying in this year, I need to think more on the lines of "work now, play later". I hate it, but that is how it has to be. Third, I might have to sacrifice some of my Internet time, so if there are less updates on my blog than last year, don't worry, it's just because I am doing college. And finally, I need to set my sleep schedule on a better routine. If I keep staying up until 1:30 and sleeping past 8:30 every day, my discipline is going to be compromised.

To all of you heading back to school, how do you see second semester going for you? What are your goals for 2014? Or resolutions? Or anything else?

Here are a couple other things I am thinking about while I should be studying (right now) -

  • I think it would be fun to try a new post schedule on this blog. Right now I am posting songs of the week, occasional movie and book reviews, and rambling thoughts on writing, Star Wars, and other interests. I want to try doing something fun...an occasional "on this day in history" post. I think it would be very fun. Definitely not something I could do every week, but when I get the time I would love to do that. If I started that, would anyone want to read those posts?
  • When the Star Wars Bonus Content is finally, finally released I will definitely post reviews of the episodes on my blog. I also plan to live-tweet as I am watching them; I've never live-tweeted anything before so maybe it could be fun! If that goes smoothly I might try it for the first couple episodes of the new show Star Wars: Rebels.
  • And, eventually, I plan to heap together all the news we have heard of Star Wars-related things. Hopefully I can stay away from anything that is still a rumor and only give you the facts. Which in this era of Star Wars is pretty hard but I will give it my best.
Anyway, that is all I am looking at to add to ITSOMWBH in 2014. We are currently up to 23 followers; thanks you guys! We are almost at the halfway point to which I will give away a paperback copy of my book!

Ta-ta and blessings as you all head back to school!

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  1. Hiiiii!

    It was super fun to read all about your goals for studying and what you did over break. I will be praying that you reach your goals! Interestingly, getting-up times vary a lot at my house too, and my sleeping schedule is anything bu regular. I also have a bad habit of jumping around from studying to playing and I'm working on that.

    I'd love to read any history-themed posts you choose to write, and I think the Star Wars posts sound like fun too, so I'd definitely read those!
    God bless!