Sunday, January 19, 2014

Q: What Is Your Favorite Book?

Good news, guys. I got a part-time job!!

(Hold the title question in your head. It will make sense soon.)

It has been very wonderful the way everything worked out. First, I only have to go to work two nights a week, so it will not take too much time away from online college which means I will be able to keep up with studies and still find some time to write and enjoy other things. Second, I already know the people I work for very well. One of the benefits of living in a rural community is you can quickly find out who is honest and who is not, and we trust each other to a great extent. It's extremely convenient. And third, I work after opening hours so there is no interacting with people! (Unlike my last part-time job which I hated...) I'm all by myself. Yay!!


I have quoted this in real life to customers on my other part-time job - a paper route - just for kicks. also just came to mind when someone asked if I minded my new job.

Anyway, now I work for an auto repair shop. One day a week I work on the computers for data entry, and the other day I clean the shop. And I love cleaning and I'm pretty good with computers...double yay. However, the latter job takes about five hours, so I have a long time span where I have nothing to occupy my mind with while I'm cleaning. I don't want to end up reciting stuff or listening to music for the whole duration, so I've decided I will use that time to listen to audiobooks. This will also help me accomplish my goal of reading 26 books this year (I totally count listening to a book as "reading" a book...even though they're two completely different things, I know!)

Right now I'm trying to decide which books I will listen to. My favorite type to read are primarily history books, covering pretty much anything (WWII, Italian Renaissance, American history, and ancient cultures are the ones I enjoy the most). I would also enjoy any memoirs or biographies of notable persons. Fiction books are also great fun to read, as long as they are really good. A great plot with lousy writing is still a lousy book, and great writing know what I mean.

The problem is, I don't have much time to search for books. I would love to scour the Internet for hours to hunt down the kind of books I would love the most, but I really can't for now!

This is where my question comes in. What are some of your favorite books? Any you would highly recommend? Or even better, was there an audiobook you loved listening to a lot? I would really appreciate any suggestions!

Thanks so much and talk to you later!

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  1. Some of my favorite books include- the Lord of the Rings trilogy(basically anything by Tolkien), most Star Wars EU books(anything by Jude Watson, Matthew Stover, or Kevin J. Anderson is very good), Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, the Underland chronicles, Percy Jackson series/Heroes of Olympus, Power of Five series, Abhorsen trilogy, the Seventh Tower series, Sea of Trolls trilogy, The House of the Scorpion, Ender's series, Chaos Walking trilogy(this one has a lot of cursing in it, but it's very well written), Les Miserables, The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, The Silver Crown, Leviathan trilogy(alternate history WWII, which is very good), etc.