Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Useful Links for Writers - Part Three

Part Three: Plot Development

Now we have our characters' names, their description, and their roles in the story. But what use are good characters if they have no goal or purpose in your story? The next topic I am going to cover is that of plot development. This can be a very exciting but difficult process for the writer, as the plot is the most important part of your book. If every story is like a body, plot is the skeleton that holds it all together, for without plot the story just becomes an ugly, stagnant heap of ingredients. Plot means we decide what the characters are going to do, where the story will lead to, and why we are writing it in the first place. Thus, it can be lots of fun to decide all of these things and slowly weave your story into a full plot. It can also be difficult since developing a plot can feel very much trying to weave dozens of threads together at the same time.

As a writer who writes character-driven stories, this part of the writing process is especially a hassle for me. Sometimes I just like to get to know my characters, write them, and see what happens. But even then, having even the most basic outline for a plot can be a great help. I've pulled together links that will hopefully help you no matter what your style when developing plot.

Seventh Sanctum
(If you like getting story ideas through random generators, this is the best website I have found for it. Generators are not my preference, as I like coming up with ideas on my own. But they can be lifesavers if you're imagination is running dry.)
- Quick story idea generator
- Story theme generator
- What-if-inator
- Writing challenges

Short Story Ideas
(A neat little website with some interesting generators. Below are links to the ones relating to story and plot.)
- Scenarios
- First lines
- Plot twists

Starting Your Book
(Helpful tips for when you don't know how to actually start your book.)

How To Write A Killer Opening
(Is what it sounds like. First sentences in a story are very important! I love this article a lot.)

Outlining Your Plot
(A great general outline for plot. Includes a detailed explanation and example of each step in the typical plot.)

Genre Plots
(This summarizes general plots for stories in regard to the genre they belong to. A personal favorite link of mine as it helps me decide which genre I want to write in the most.)

6 Writing Outline Templates
- Basic outline
- Detailed plot outline
- Freytag model
- Perspective outline

TV Tropes
(Once again, I am bringing up the wonderful website TV Tropes. Here is a list of the links I found most helpful when it comes to developing plots. Warning: most of these links provide spoilers for movies/literature/video games/etc.)
- The Seven basic plots
Main plots
- Plot twists
- Plot threads
- Plot fuel 
- Beginning tropes
- Climatic tropes
- Ending tropes
Next up for part four I will be on the topic of Titles!!!

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