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Why I Love Cad Bane - Reasons 5-7

Reason #5: Voice/Accent

First of all, I commend Bane's voice actor, Corey Burton, for his wonderful job playing the character.  I think it was absolutely perfect and I do not think they could have chosen a better actor for the role.  Now I already explained that old-time actor Peter Lorre was the main inspiration for Cad Bane's voice, but I want to go more into detail with that aspect of the character.

Cad Bane isn't the type of bad guy who is repeatedly yelling at his minions or laughing menacingly at the good guys, which aren't entirely bad things but they get old after a while, especially in Star Wars!  Granted there are a couple occurrences where he comes close to shouting at some rather idiotic droids, but take into context they were only times when it was needed (I'll go more into this later on).

Bane's voice is unlike what most people would expect from a regular "tough guy", which is usually deep, gruff, husky, etc.  Instead, Bane's is a clear and slow tenor, and raspy, with a bit of a clip.  These characteristics help bring out his darker side.  In addition, I have to say that I love how his voice is distorted by the breathing tubes.  The breathing tubes make his voice deeper and a bit scratchier, and the machine-like overall effect makes him sound even more menacing.  It is a bit hard to notice until you hear him speak without the breathing tubes in Season Four.  There it sounds smoother and less machine-like.  I love his voice still without the breathing tubes, but the addition of them adds a very characteristic tone to his lines, and it gives me the chills every time.

I've always been trying to decipher just what sort of accent Bane has.  To start, I researched what accent Peter Lorre had because his voice sounds very much like Bane's.  Lorre had a strong Hungarian accent, so I have concluded that Hungarian is Bane's "official" one (I now have a whole head-canon that involves Bane's Hungarian heritage and history).  However at times I hear Cad Bane speaking with traces of a New York dialect, or even a soft Texas drawl.  As soon as I decide it's one I hear the others more strongly.  So in the end I think it is some sort of blend of all three of those.  I would describe it as the general smooth fluency of Hungarian, the sharp cutting edge of New York, with a tad of Texas sprinkled on the sides.  And I don't mind that, I love all of them.  Whether that is common for the Durosian species or is simply the manner of speaking that Bane has developed over the years, I am not sure.  In any case, I think the accent adds to both Cad Bane's style and the sort of sliminess that brings out the Lorre inspiration.  Besides, Hungarian accent is hot.

I will conclude this point with a quote from Bane's voice actor, Corey Burton, who, when asked to describe the character for Star Wars Insider magazine, said: "He's really the roughest, toughest, most lawless bad guy I've ever done.  I'm keeping him very creepy - it's much more menacing to be quiet and calm than to be screaming, 'I'm gonna kill you.'  He's someone you want to avoid."

Reason #6: Attractiveness

Since I am a female and Cad Bane is a male and I am always talking about how he is my favorite character, you most likely assumed at some point that he is my favorite because I find him physically attractive.  As you have already read and will continue reading about, he is my favorite for many other reasons.  I am not the type to call a character my "favorite" because his face or chest makes me tingly.  There are plenty of fictional characters that I love and they don't have anything that makes them attractive.  And if I hate a character who also happens to be attractive, I will still hate them.

But just to clarify and come out with it, yes, I do find Cad Bane attractive.  My physical attraction towards him was what first got me invested in the character, and although I've come a long way since, it's still a strong factor.  I have always had a thing for males with tall, slender builds, and Bane fits that description perfectly.  I find his snarl, his smile, and his chuckle to be very alluring.  His calm, tenor voice with the Hungarian accent is beyond hot.  A while back I also went into detail about how I love various characteristics of the Duros species, which all only add to Cad Bane's attractiveness.  He also wears a lot of leather, and I firmly believe the scent of leather is one of the most seductive scents in existence; plus, it makes him look good.  The hat helps, too.  I love him anytime, any day, but the hat is like frosting on a cake.

I could keep going on this topic, but I'm going to stop.  In summary, Cad Bane is my favorite for other and far more plausible reasons, but yes, I think he is hot and ravishing and I would not complain if we ended up locked in a closet together for a couple hours, but I'll just leave that thought hanging there before I have to put a parental advisory label on this post.  Let's move on.

Reason #7: Weapons

Another reason that I love Cad Bane is his choice of weapons.  His primary firearms are double blaster pistols; secondary weapons are his wrist gauntlets, a spare pistol, and jetpack thrusters on his boots, among an assortment of other secondary tools.  Once again reverting back to the "Angel Eyes" inspiration, Bane keeps both blaster pistols at his sides in holsters and is able to draw one or both out in a moment's notice.

Bane proves several times that he is a quick and efficient shot with a blaster several times during the show.  Instead of selecting a weapon such as a standard rifle, which is the case for many bounty hunters including Boba Fett and Aurra Sing, Bane chooses a pair of smaller weapons as his equipment.  You do not have to become an expert in firearms to know that a rifle works best for hunting large game from a distance, and a handgun is ideal for immediate and/or close range.  This reveals two traits about Cad Bane's style of taking down targets and opponents, the latter of which I have already briefly touched on.  First is that Bane either prefers or is more prepared to kill both in a moment's notice and at close range.  The second is that Bane has confidence he can kill at close range without harming himself, since of course it is less risky to hit a target from a distance.  Whether he does not like the feel and method of a rifle, was brought up only using blaster pistols, or simply decided blaster pistols were his ideal style is at this point unanswered and unclear.  However, it must also be noted that there have been references to Cad Bane using a long-range rifle in the past, so he at least obtains some level of skill with rifles as well.  Nevertheless I have only actually seen him use a rifle once, a weapon which was discarded and replaced with double blasters as soon as possible!

Of course I must admit, since Bane is on the bad guys' side, his skill at shooting targets, coincidentally and conveniently, diminishes to a degree whenever he is aiming for one of the good guys, but that is another topic I do not intend to cover here. At this point I just have to blame the writers of the show for their laziness.

Cad Bane, though, does not solely rely on double blasters to get the job done.  As I covered a moment ago he is also armed with wrist gauntlets, jetpack thrusters, and other accessories.  Once again this maintains the balance of his Old West persona and the science-fiction world he inhabits.  These technological devices enable Bane with more skills in a duel especially against Jedi, as shown when he duels characters such as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano.  It has been noted by many fans of The Clone Wars that Cad Bane's fighting style relies heavily on gadgets instead of hand-to-hand combat skills (a topic which I'll cover more in detail later on).  I confess that it is true Bane uses his gadgets almost to the point of dependency.  Nevertheless, it cannot be overlooked that his gadgets - wrist gauntlets, thrusters, and I would include the breathing tubes as well - have assisted Bane multiple times and pulled him out of sticky situations.

And quite possibly my favorite thing about Bane's choice of weapons is he has a little of both, some tough western quick-draw and some slimy technology as backup.  He is confident to shoot to kill at close range, but prepared to cheat his way out of harm.  Skilled, tough, and abiding by no rules.

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  1. I would like Destiny armor designed around Cad Bane. Obviously a Hunter, and probably advantage gunslinger.