Saturday, May 17, 2014

Songs Of The Week - In This Moment

In This Moment is one of my more recent favorites so I have not known about them for very long. But they are very, very good!

Here are some of my current favorite songs by them. When I am on the road come Tuesday for about eight hours, I will probably listen to all of these at some point...with headphones of course, since my dad and brother don't have a taste for "screamo" or "heavy metal" so I don't want to make them suffer through it just because I love it.
Anyway, enjoy! :)

"Blood, blood, blood
Pump more through my veins
Shut your dirty, dirty mouth"

"The Last Cowboy"

"If you ever cross a shadow in a wasted void.
You tell him I'm here waiting for the last cowboy"

"You're Gonna Listen"

"You’re kind, that you feel
Through your rage I can be saved
You embrace my decay
Maybe your light will shine on me"

"We wanted peace but you brought this war
We took enough and we can’t take any more
With our fists in the air, we’ll burn it all to the ground"

"And all I can see 
are these flames around me
And all I can think 
is I'm here alone"

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  1. Woah. Those lyrics all sound really deep. I should give them a listen. Thanks again for sharing:)