Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Art - best of 2013

2014 is almost halfway done already, but over the past couple years I have been working hard on improving my art. Up until about 2011 I never took it seriously, but after I got into Star Wars: The Clone Wars I wanted to do better, and it's been a journey from there.

I know I am not very good at art. I make many, many mistakes and I have a lot to learn. But I am working to improve and catch where I need to work more on. Drawing helps me relax and it is a good way to channel my visual senses. Sometimes it is easier to draw an idea than write an idea.

Up until recently I have been hesitant about sharing art that some may find dark, grotesque, or offensive, but now I have few limitations as to what I will post. I do put warning labels on them so not everyone has to see. But if you have a dA account I would love to hook up with you on that website and be deviant friends <3

Here is some artwork I did in 2013 that I think was my best. On deviantART, I go by Stilwater-Rundeepo.

Cad Bane and Boba Fett

Cad Bane - post Revenge of the Sith, pre A New Hope

Uncle Loki
(this is from an idea I got after seeing Thor: The Dark World. I thought what if Loki and Thor lived on Earth as regular people, and Loki was that weird uncle who taught Thor and Jane's children mischief and mayhem during family reunions. The idea never took farther than this drawing, but oh well.

Light Yagami from Death Note
This is probably one of the most complex drawings I have done so far

Light Yagami and "L" in Tim Burton style

Steampunk Anakin/Vader

Western-esque Cad Bane poster

And finally here is a cute animated drawing I did for a friend

As you can probably tell I have a long ways to go. I would like to see my art get even better for the rest of this year.


  1. Nice :-)
    I really like the steampunk Anakin and ROTS Cad Bane (is it digital?)

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, they are all digital art. I have done some art with colored pencils and markers but I have a ways to go before I improve with that O.o

    2. Ah, I see. Have you posted any of your traditional artwork on DeviantArt? I'd love to see them.
      You're really good with colors, btw.
      Keep on practicing! ;D

    3. Yes, on my deviantART page I have art I have been doing this year, some of which is traditional and some is a combination of traditional and digital :)
      Thank you so much!! :D

  2. Wow! Your art is REALLY good! You have a ton of talent! Keep growing in your love for art and your abilities will grow along with it:)

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much!! :) I do work hard to improve and it is very encouraging to hear you like my art!