Friday, August 1, 2014

temporary hiatus

Unfortunately, the time has come for me to put "ITSOMWBH" on temporary hiatus.

Yep. From August 1 until mid-December, do not expect any updates from the blog.

I will try to post something about the premiere of "Star Wars: Rebels", possibly very short reviews. If Cad Bane appears on the show, it's pretty much a given that this blog will make a quick comeback. Or if something major, and I mean major, happens with personal life, writing, Cad Bane, or anything else like that. Otherwise, until December, the blog will be inactive.


As some of you may know, I have been earning my Bachelor's in English online. These next few months are the home stretch of earning my degree, and my schedule is nothing short of...madness. Like writing a term paper every other day kind of madness. The worst has not even started and I already feel myself approaching the verge of a mental breakdown. I will be more inactive than usual so if it seems like I'm ignoring you, I'm not! If you want to keep in contact with me, the best way you can reach me is a PM on Fanfiction, or a message on Tumblr.

This time will be, in many ways, a living hell. But if I make it, I will be finished with college by Christmas '14. Making time for my own writing keeps my energy and resolve alive. If I can have my writing, I know I'm all right. Especially if I'm writing Cad Bane. Writing him makes me feel safe, comfortable, re-energized, joyful, and at peace.

Anyway, I hope I can keep in touch with you guys during this busy time, and don't worry, the blog is not abandoned; it just needs a short break. I have a lot of cool ideas for what to do with my blog after Christmas, so it's going to be a lot fun.

Until then, see y'all later!

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  1. Awww I'm so sad you'll be on hiatus. but I totally understand. I'll be praying for you with college and stuff. you and your family have been on my heart a lot lately, so I have been praying for you guys.

    Good luck with everything! Thats so cool that you're getting your bachelors degree! I admire you a lot for that. that takes a lot of hard work, so congrats on sticking to it!

    We'll for sure keep in touch. Feel free to message me any time on any social media if you need anything.

    Have a great couple of months!