Tuesday, December 2, 2014


HI GUYS!!!!!

I'M BACK!!! <3 <3 <3

It would be difficult for me to give an update on what the past few months have been like since I had to leave my blog on hiatus. But suffice it to say, college kept me plenty busy! Not a whole lot has changed in personal life except for the fact that after college wraps up I will be starting a bunch of new things, and that will be a big change.

Right now I am nearly finished earning my degree. For a couple reasons my online coach and I decided that I should extend my completion date to early spring instead of my original goal of Christmas 2014. So the latest I will be finishing is early April.

Anyway, maybe it would be best to return to the blog by doing another "currently" post.

Currently listening:
It's funny because I used to be all into particular bands or genres, and now I have nothing. I'm at the point where I'm inclined to a particular song by a combination of its sound and message, and I'll listen to a lot of songs similar to it. When I need to focus on studying I like to put in classical music that helps me focus. When I am writing I listen to songs that invoke the emotions in me I need to write a specific scene.

But it's December which means it is time to listen to Christmas music again. I have been finding some interesting Christmas music on Spotify. Lately I have also been getting a lot into making playlists (I've done that for as long as I can remember, but since getting a Spotify account this June, I love it even more), so I have a bunch that I keep customizing and listening to over and over. That's fun.

Other than that, I do like Mumford & Sons, Korn, Florence + The Machine, The Civil Wars, Volbeat, Sleeping At Last, and Hurts...among others.

Currently reading:
College books. That is pretty much it. But that is a good thing because I love 80% of my reading material for college. I have read some great novels, nonfiction books, and other good sources. It's overwhelming sometimes but at least I enjoy it.

After college I hope to get my free-time reading back on track. I tried to do it this year but over the summer, college became just too much.

Currently drinking:

Lots of tea. Coffee, occasionally. Water, obviously. I will be drinking other things when our family gets together for Christmas but you didn't read anything there. This question is kind of odd.

Currently missing:

I still miss Clone Wars, a lot. This March would have been two years since its cancellation and I still miss it. So much :(

What I DON'T miss is being sick. Every year around this time of season, for a few years now, I get really sick every morning. This year I have been taking some medicine and it has helped me a lot. It feels so good not to be sick.

And, oh yes...I also don't miss my old haircut. I kept it long (shoulder length to lower back length) for pretty much my whole life. I loved having it super long as a little kid and putting it up in braids, and I've kept it moderately long since. Never once had a short haircut. But a couple weeks ago on the spur of the moment I google-searched a few ideas and scheduled an appointment. I feel amazing now; I love my short hair. Long hair was great but I do not miss it at all.

Currently watching:

I have been keeping up with Star Wars: Rebels. I have also been watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Game of Thrones when I have the time. And I watched an anime called Madoka Magica. They are really good! Not so sure about Rebels...my hope for it is running very thin but I want to stay positive about the show.

Other than those I do watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars whenever I need a good mood or to chill. And now that I am taking a course in American cinema I have to watch a bunch of classics so I've been indulging in the likes of Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, and Jurassic Park (all of which I'd already seen but now I get to write papers about them XD).

Currently feeling:
"Feeling." I don't know. I don't think about my feelings a lot; I think more about what I have to get done and if I am staying ahead of my game. Feelings come second place.

I suppose I feel apprehensive about the future, but also excited in some ways. After college I want to leave my community and live somewhere else but I have no idea where I would go. I feel I need to stretch my wings. I also feel frustrated from being very behind on free-time writing because I have done so little of it for the past year because of college.

Currently writing:
This post? Yeah XD And two final essays, both worth half my grade. And another paper...and should be starting another but I'm not! And a multi-chapter fanfiction when I have the time, as well as fanfiction snippets here and there. A little poetry too.

Currently loving:

What do I love? Um...I love Cad Bane!! I love role-playing him, I love my Bane collection, I love writing him, drawing him, talking about him with online friends. Or just watching his episodes from Clone Wars...I love him.

I love the snow even if it means lots of shoveling and being cold and all that junk. I love most of the college courses I am taking. I love plotting what I am going to get/make my family for Christmas. I love my new haircut. And I love Cad Bane.

Currently wishing:
That I wasn't so busy and had more time to write and that I had a driver's license already.

Currently excited:

For finishing college. Woot! Kind of excited for Star Wars: Episode VII, of course (more apprehensive than excited to be honest). VERY excited when Dave Filoni recently mentioned that Cad Bane might make an appearance in Star Wars: Rebels!!!

Currently stressing:

Everything. Pretty much everything.

Currently completed:

I recently finished a paper on Citizen Kane and got 100 on it, so that's good! Recently completed an art piece I put a lot of effort into and am very proud of. And, this week, hopefully, complete putting up Christmas decorations around the house.

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  1. WELCOME BACK!!!!!

    To be honest, I just got the biggest smile on my face when I saw your blog come up on my feed. I was just thinking about you the other day actually. (In a non creeperish sort of way of course.) also I said a prayer for you.
    I loved reading about all the things you've been up to. I hope you're doing well and I hope college isn't too stressful.

    Its great to have you back:)