Friday, December 5, 2014

News; "Rebels"; Xmas

Since I'm finally getting this blog up and running again, I plan to (gradually) catch everyone up on recent news! (and no, I have not forgotten my in-progress post series "Why I Love Cad Bane"...more is coming ;) )

First of all, some interesting news that happened about a week ago. The voice actor of Cad Bane, Corey Burton, confirmed during an interview that he did the voice of a character on the new show Star Wars: Rebels. AND, in the same interview, it was mentioned that Dave Filoni said that Bane might make a future appearance in Rebels!

So how do I feel about this? Well of course I'd be super happy to see Bane again, after all it's been nearly THREE YEARS since his last canon appearance...oh the joys of having a secondary character not from the main films as your favorite >.< If he appears in Rebels I hope we at least get an idea of what happened to him after the "Deception arc" from Season Four, what he was up to during and after the Clone Wars, and of course any possible involvement he has with the Rebellion or the Galactic Empire. It could be very exciting and a wonderful tribute to the character.

Then again, they could butcher his character and not give him any development at all. Like when Bail Organa and Obi-Wan appeared in Rebels? It was little more than several seconds of fan-service. And Bane could very easily get the same treatment as well; in fact, that will most likely be the case, I imagine. Not to mention seeing characters from Clone Wars now in Rebels animated is very, very, very weird O.o

Nevertheless, if Bane does make an appearance in Rebels, I will still be very happy to see him again. And whatever changes they show (whether in appearance, outfit, voice, etc...however much can change in 15+ years) I'm sure I could write many blog posts with new theories and headcanons about them. Just give me more to chew on and mull over! And at this point I am extremely desperate for more canon Bane things, so while I hesitate to say "I'll take whatever I can get," I'm basically at that point right now. So I say, bring it on!

One more thing I should mention before I move on with this post. Something I noticed in a promo art from Star Wars: Rebels over the spring - but did not actually appear in an episode until a few weeks ago - Cad Bane and Embo were shown to be painted graffiti-style by one of the main characters in Rebels (see image below). This character, named Sabine, is a teenage artist and demolitionist and does a lot of cool painting around the ship.

So my question is, why would she paint portraits of two bounty hunters from fifteen years ago? For that matter, how would she even know about them? Bane was the best hunter of the Clone Wars and Embo came second-best one year during the war; so at that time they were household names. But this is fifteen years later. That opens up some possible explanations: Sabine grew up hearing stories about these guys; or Bane and Embo are still as infamous during this era as they were during the Clone Wars (which brings up Boba Fett's rise to fame, but that's a whole other topic); or, Sabine personally met them at some point and painted them because of this experience. Those are the best explanations I could think up, there are more but I haven't had my morning coffee yet so I can't think of them...

Anyway, my hope is that if Bane does appear in Rebels, it will tie in at least somewhat with Sabine. My personal theory? Sabine is just a die-hard fangirl of Cad Bane and Embo! Maybe when Bane appears he'll be hanging out somewhere, minding his own business; Sabine spots him and enters "fangirl mode" and asks for his autograph, but because of local Imperials Bane will accidentally get pulled into a little adventure with the Rebels cast, which of course would be the best day of Sabine's life. Yes, it would be silly, and even somewhat demeaning to Bane's character from a certain point of view (a view which I'm completely opposite to), but I would love it to death. (although, considering that Sabine drew a heart around Embo, I imagine he holds a deeper place in her heart...or she painted the heart because at this point Embo is no longer living and it symbolizes that he'll always be "in her heart"...okay, never mind, that was uncalled for!)

And as for the rest of what's going on in the painting - the explosion, the shooting, and the lightning - is this just fancy decor, or a subtle hint at something more about their stories? Or I could be reading into it way too much. But I can't help myself!

So there you are. Cad Bane might show up in Star Wars: Rebels, and bounty hunters during the Rebellion just might have their own "fangirls" and "fanboys" (oh, the places that could go...). But that's all I can say for now!

Moving right along, it's Christmas time again! Which means it's time to bring up this gem from a few years ago, just like last year: Obi-Wan narrating "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" starring Cad Bane as the Grinch. You can't miss out on this. Listen and be entertained by the mental images and you'll love it.
I never, ever tire of listening to this over the holiday season =^.^=

On a similar note, I put up a couple Christmas decorations in my room this year (first time for everything, right?) But look how lazy I was.

That's as festive as I'll ever get >.<

Also, how many of you are interested in seeing my Cad Bane collection? It would take me a long time to set it up and do the whole photoshoot so I will only do it if people are interested. I do kind of want to show it off though... XD

But that is about all I have to share for now. Good luck on exams and finals before Christmas break, all you students; remember your health is more important than high grades and you're going to make it.

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  1. I would love to see your Cad Bane collection!:)