Thursday, December 18, 2014

To the hell that went down in the Star Wars fandom today

Today released a video listing the website editor's choices of the Top 10 Bounty Hunters. Check out the video below to see where your favorite ranks! Don't read ahead until you've watched it!!

Now that you've seen the video, you know that they placed Cad Bane at #1 and Boba Fett at #2. I was pleasantly surprised by this unexpected move; after all, Boba Fett is by far the most popular of all the Star Wars bounty hunters. So to have a bounty hunter not Boba Fett, much less one not in the films and only in "The Clone Wars" cartoon, is very unexpected.

Okay, "pleasantly surprised" is the tame way of putting it. I was crying with happiness and cheering many congratulations to my beloved Bane when he took the #1 spot. I'll spare you an all-caps exclamation-point ridden vent of my emotions. But let's just say I went into hardcore "fangirl" mode and shed actual tears and haven't been this giddy with excitement for a long long time. I was SO HAPPY.

Now, the problem I wish to address.

I should have known better since I knew what was coming, but I did it anyway. I looked at the social media comments under the release of the video. Nearly every single comment - and by nearly, I mean about one or two comments against dozens upon dozens - was vicious towards the video's decision. Almost everyone was furious that the editors chose Cad Bane over Boba Fett. I read a lot of ugly things attacking Bane and demanding that Boba be given more credibility.

Here is my response to those comments.

If you are one of the people who is in a rage because Boba was #2 on this list, please keep reading. I give you three points to consider.

#1. This video is the opinions of the editors of, not an "official" decision by Disney/Lucasfilm.

Seriously, the video itself said in the beginning that this list is not official! It is not "canon" that Boba Fett is only the second best bounty hunter of all time. That is merely the opinion of a group of people who work for The editors never intended to use the video to say "This is what we decided, so everyone in the Star Wars community had better accept it as canon." All they did was agree on their personal choices and make it into a fun video that explained why they appreciate every one of the characters.

So you all decide to bash on, beat up, and make fun of their personal opinions? That is incredibly rude and childish. Nobody should be called stupid or ignorant because of how they would rank a group of fictional characters. If you do that you are the one who is stupid and ignorant.

If you're really so passionate about Boba Fett that you cannot handle the fact that one group of people has the opinion that he is the second-best, you really need to start functioning like a real adult and understand that everyone is allowed to an opinion of their own.

I have made many online friends in the SW community, and I have a good number of friends who do not care for Cad Bane, even go so far as to despise him. I have never told them their opinions were invalid or they were stupid for thinking so. Even though I completely disagree with their opinions, at least we agree to disagree.

Please do the same and realize this video is not "canon." It's a group's opinions. Grow up.

#2. Boba Fett already has had more than enough praise/attention since his debut.

It can easily go without saying that Boba Fett is the most popular and well-known Star Wars bounty hunter of all time. He has been around since the last 1970's, and has appeared in dozens of books, comics, games, and so on. He has appeared in three out of the six Star Wars films released to date. Not to mention a very large fan community to his name. Everyone knows Boba Fett. And that's all good. He is a classic, timeless, and wonderful character.

But compare him to Cad Bane. Bane first appeared in 2008, almost three decades after Boba's debut. Bane has only appeared in ten episodes of "The Clone Wars" cartoon, and has a few books and comics none of which are even confirmed as official "canon." Compared to Boba's roster, Bane has hardly any canon material to speak of.

Boba Fett has had the praise, attention, glory, and respect showered on him for literally decades. Everybody has been loving on him for so long and I am sure that for many years he has been #1 on every fan-made "top Star Wars bounty hunter" list.

Then one video is released by that says Boba is not the "best" and everyone loses their minds. Seriously? You could not handle that Boba Fett was removed from the spotlight for a few short minutes? He wasn't even disrespected at all; he was rated second best!

What do you have to complain about? Boba Fett has had PLENTY of praise and attention for years. This is one video that decided to put Boba down one notch and give someone else a turn on top based on their personal preference, and you could not handle it??

Personally I love Boba Fett and I think he is great. But I also have the opinion that he has been in the spotlight way, way too much. There are many other bounty hunters in the Star Wars universe that are amazing, and they deserve a lot of development and backstory and more canon material. But sadly when it comes to "Star Wars bounty hunters" Boba Fett hogs a lot of canon. We have plenty of development, backstory, and material for Boba already - yes, even with all the canon that is now "legends." It is time to give other bounty hunters a turn for a change. There are so many stories that are waiting to be told and if people could stop glorifying Mr. Fett for a few minutes and focus on the other characters that have so so much potential, we could actually get somewhere.

And you already know at this point that Bane is one of those characters to me. In the ten Clone Wars episodes we have of him he already underwent interesting development and is very fascinating. But he is lacking a lot of other development, and he needs backstory, and he needs more appearances in canon.

For once, could you all let someone else be in first place for a change. Give someone besides Boba a turn. He's had decades to be the best. Yet Bane is the best for a few minutes in one video and you were too immature to deal with it.

Boba Fett himself would be gravely disappointed in your lack of common sense.

#3. How many of you actually did your research?

Of course it is easy for you to say "Boba Fett is the best!" But how many of the comments backed up this claim with "Because he's Boba Fett," "Because Cad Bane is a cartoon," "his helmet beats Bane's hat," and so on. All stupid, irrelevant claims that make no sense. You can't say someone is the best "just because."

Never ever ever say that; never push down another person's personal preference and state that your opinions are "the facts" when it comes to fandoms. It screws people up, especially if they are young. It hurts them. They start to see their own thoughts and feelings as invalid and become convinced something is wrong with them. I would know. Just don't do it. Don't.

If you honestly do think Boba Fett is better than Cad Bane, why don't you do a thorough analysis of both characters to prove your point? Why don't you take into consideration that Boba has been around since the 1970's and Bane has been around since 2008? Why don't you consider how much Boba has already been in canon while Bane has had so little time to prove his reputation yet has used that time so well?

Use canon facts as well. Cad Bane was the best bounty hunter during the Clone Wars. That is canon. Boba Fett was the best bounty hunter during most of the Rebellion era. Thus, they were both the best during their own times. They're the same. Deal with it!

And as for their accomplishments? Perhaps many of them should be analyzed more carefully and taken into context. For example, both of them went undercover as clone troopers, yet Boba had the advantage of already appearing just like a clone; Bane, meanwhile, was bleeding through his armor and his blood is a different color than clones, yet he still escaped successfully. This is just one example of how to take both their accomplishments into context.

So before you get into a rage over the fact that your favorite poster boy has been "upstaged" (dare I call it that) by a bounty hunter from a cartoon show, maybe you should actually pay attention to both characters and move past your personal bias. Heck, I'm probably one of the most biased people on the planet when it comes to Cad Bane yet I can still acknowledge when he screws up and does stupid things (which he has...I just won't mention them today because he needs support and love). So many of the comments I read clearly indicated that they have not watched "The Clone Wars" and know nothing about Cad Bane.

I was incredibly disappointed in the Star Wars fandom today. But I was also very happy that someone finally decided to go against the norm and finally, finally, finally give Cad Bane a little bit more of the attention that he deserves. Boba, you're great, but you've had more than enough love. Bane has been hated on plenty by the Prequel and Clone Wars "haters" and Original purists. He gets to be #1 for one day and is hated on even more.

It's okay, Bane. I'm proud of you. You're awesome. And you will always be my #1, no matter what. (Wow...I sound like I'm talking to my own child...which I kind of am....ugh, feelings suck...)

I will conclude this post with how I believe Cad Bane would respond to all the hate spewed on him by the SW fandom today as a result of the video:

He's currently shaking off all your hate and celebrating somewhere on Coruscant because the editors of say that he is the best!! Deal with it, haters!!

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