Monday, January 19, 2015

Resistance 2nd Anniversary

I'm so embarrassed that I did not realize this until later today's January 19th! Which makes it the 2-year anniversary of my book's publication on! Woot!!

I'm very happy to have reached this milestone. A few years ago, the idea of publishing or even self-publishing a book seemed so far out of reach and beyond what I could ever get to. If only I could have known back then where I would be now.

It's pretty incredible that "Resistance" has been out there for two years now. For two years a piece of my soul has been exposed to the whole world. I've sold copies internationally and all over my local community. "Resistance" is still a very personal project and means so much to me even after all this time, especially since it's the first book I ever published. Of course, here's to hoping it won't be the last.

Unfortunately my free time writing had to be put on hold for the past several months due to the insanity of college. However, since I am nearly finished completing college, that means I will be able to pick up writing again soon. I have a couple projects I'm ready to tackle, notes and outlines and character sheets that have been piling up for a couple years or so. I'm really looking forward to giving life to those ideas and watching them blossom, just like I did with "Resistance."

Happy two year anniversary "Resistance"!!


  1. happy two year anniversary<3
    I hope to buy a copy of that book some day. Money has been tight as of late, but I'm hoping to get a job soon. so when I have money.....hopefully I can budget and get a copy:)

  2. Happy anniversary!! I'll have to get your book sometime! I've been wanting to start a blog series reviewing other blogger's books; I'll have to include yours when I do! :D