Sunday, March 22, 2015

Done with college

I, Caddy AKA Elian Lisette, am unofficially finished with college.

It is unofficial because I have only finished all my work for my final college course. I still need to receive my final grade, and then all my grades will be transferred. I won't graduate until June, so I won't have my degree (B.A. in English) until then.

But all my college work is finally, finally done, and now I just have to wait for the grades and credits to transfer so I can reach my June graduation.

This puts me one step closer to my ultimate dream: write a canon Star Wars book about Cad Bane!

And I reached my original goal of finishing before my birthday, which is a month away *high-fives self*

I haven't had a summer break since 2011, so I plan to take the next couple months and rest up. I have started a Clone Wars marathon with the family, and I hope to do a lot of free time writing which I fell behind on a lot in the past few months. Also this summer, I'm going to get my first tattoo and now I know exactly what I want. Yes it's Star Wars, yes it's Cad Bane, yes it will look rad.

But holy shit...some people are already asking me if I will go to graduate school...can I not think about school for five minutes please.

I've thought about making a reflection post to look back on how I was able to finish college online. I'll get around to it eventually!

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  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Congratulations!!! I'm so proud of you for sticking it out and working so hard. Seriously enjoy this summer break. you deserve it.

    And dude, when you get that tattoo I had better see a picture of it appear in a blog post or somewhere on the internet because that sounds so rad. btw Im glad Im not the only one who says "rad." lol.

    I want to get a tattoo SOOOO bad. I had wanted one for my eighteenth birthday but money was not gonna let that happen. but if I get a job, Im so doing it.

    but yeah, nice job! I hope you enjoy writing and Clone Wars marathons. Also I cant wait to someday read that canon novel