Thursday, March 5, 2015

Rebels Finale


Monday night was pretty damn crazy in the Star Wars fandom. The final episode of Rebels Season One revealed that Ahsoka is Fulcrum and everyone was so excited.

Whereas I'm very, very pissed off.

I love Ahsoka and I think she is a great addition to the Star Wars universe. I think it was pretty cool how the Rebels episode came out exactly two years after the last episode of Clone Wars Season Five when Ahsoka left the Jedi Order. And I think her role is going to be interesting, and it's cool to have her back.

I have several issues with it, though. Her facial structure is totally wrong, and I still loathe the art style for Rebels, so I dread seeing more favorite characters' appearances put through the meat grinder to be in Rebels. (Except for Vader and Tarkin...Vader looks cool in Rebels, and Tarkin still looks like a vertical bacon sandwich left sitting out for eight weeks). I also think that having her as Fulcrum, while it was a good move in the grand scheme, felt far too obvious. People already figured out it was her months before the episode came out, so it wasn't really a shocker. Or maybe I spoil myself on shows like Gravity Falls, but it still bothered me that the most obvious choice was the answer.

Anyway this is what she looks like now.

The thing that really REALLY makes me angry is one of the worst things happened in the episode: the Inquisitor died.

Worse still, he didn't just 'die.' He committed suicide by deliberately letting go of the ledge he was dangling from and falling to his death. Some people are saying he'll be back like Darth Maul was, but I read a recent interview with Dave Filoni in which he confirmed that the Inquisitor is truly gone. His final words were: "There are much more frightening things than death." And since Filoni stated that the Inquisitor "knows what they could do to him is, to him, worse than death," we can bet that the itty bitty torture Kanan went through is only a tiny fraction of what was done to the Inquisitor.

The Inquisitor was my favorite character in the whole fact, the reason I started watching Rebels in the first place was because I heard Jason Isaacs was voicing the Inquisitor. When he died, I cried my eyes out. I was very upset and shaken and torn up. So much so that I hardly remember much else from the episode, it's all sort of a blur in my memory. I had to look up screencaps of Ahsoka's reveal to see what she looked like. I'm still very upset.

It's one thing to see your favorite character get shot or die of illness...a whole other to see them commit suicide.

But it's not just seeing him commit suicide that makes me grieve so much about his death. It's because I saw him as a character with great potential to reveal some of the Empire's tactics of enslavement and speciesism. Inquisitor was a non-Human serving the Empire, and from watching him carefully I'm pretty sure his status is not much more than a slave, and he is following the Empire not by choice. If they had kept him alive and gone more into his backstory, we could have seen more examples of how the Empire legalized slavery, kidnapped and brainwashed Force-sensitive people into submission, and enslaved entire species. It's a dark chapter in SW history. But as I keep saying over and over, the Empire's human-centric speciesism is very, very important to go into and understand, because it is so relevant to our own history and things still happening today. The Empire is a strong reflection of racial discrimination, segregation, and genocide in our own world.

I talk a lot about this - human-centric standards, objectifying non-humans that are still attractive by human standards, and discrimination against non-humans - on my Tumblr. Unfortunately I do not have it tagged because I'm terrible with tagging things.

Basically, as much as I disliked Rebels, I hoped that the show would go into that. Teaching kids about speciesism in Star Wars, as it relates to racism in our world, is so important.

The Inquisitor was a great chance to show that, and now he's gone.

The whole episode was lame, to me. Everyone was worried that Kanan or Ezra would die, which is completely absurd. They never kill off the main cast in the first season of a kids' show, you idiots. Whereas the victim (Inquisitor was not a villain...he was a victim) dies because they need to make room for more villains in Season Two.

I must be nice having main characters as your favorites.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of movies and shows I am afraid to watch because I know what a villain or villainous side character looks/acts like and I'm already in love with them, and I know they'll die, so I refuse to watch it (Osmosis Jones is a prime example).

The worst part of the Inquisitor's suicide is that...the whole thing was grossly overshadowed by the return of Ahsoka. Pretty much no talk in the fandom about how they had just seen a character commit suicide on-screen. I mean, seriously...the Inquisitor chose death over facing punishment from Vader or the Emperor. What's his story? What happened to him?

But no one cares because "OMG AHSOKA IS BACK OMG."

So not only am I in deep sadness and grieving for the Inquisitor's horrible and tragic death, it hurts me a lot that no one in the whole fandom seems to care. At all. Nobody cares, because to them he was just another disposable villain. That's why I'm very pissed off.

I was going to stop watching Rebels for this reason, but then I heard Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to voice a character in Season Two. So I will very angrily stick through Season Two for her character >.<

I had to wait two days to write this post because of how much this affected me personally. I am still very upset. It takes a lot out of you, emotionally, to watch your favorite character in a show commit suicide and then see no one in the fandom give a shit because a fan-favorite's return overshadowed them. It's really hard. Actually, as I write this, I'm already close to crying again.

My child.

I want to be happy that Ahsoka is back, and I kind of am. But the fact that her return made everyone forget about the tragic death of a fascinating character ruins it for me. That people would blindly turn away from a character who committed suicide in favor of a character WHO WE ALREADY KNEW would be back, it's sickening.

But, of course, Star Wars is the sort of franchise that caters to the main characters time and time again, at the expense of all the side characters.

R.I.P., Inquisitor :( I love you <3

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  1. I agree. I was also disappointed that the Inquisitor was killed off. I was hoping that he had somehow survived, but then I read the interview you were talking about, and my hope of seeing the Inquisitor in future episodes was crushed. :(

    I think it was a bad move since the series was set up to make it seem that the Inquisitor would be the main villain, then they kill him off in the first season. I think the writers knew people wouldn't be too happy about it, so that's why we see Vader and Ahsoka at the end of the episode, so people would be thinking about 2 cool old characters being featured in season 2 instead of focusing on one new but main character in this series being gone for good.

    I found his character really interesting. he was very efficient and disciplined, and didn't take any real pleasure from killing. He wasn't a sadist like most villains are, and likely was forced into service for the Empire due to his Force abilities. I do think his intentions were on the evil side, though, so he wasn't really a victim either. He gained power by doing the Empire's work at the expense of countless innocent beings, and he had some pretty morbid ideas on how to accomplish his missions, like using the bones of a long dead Jedi to lure living Jedi into a trap, and he had no qualm about trying to kill a 14 year old kid. He was kind of sociopathic as he acts without mercy and lacks empathy, but he's also more intelligent and less emotional than the run-of-the-mill sociopaths, and he remains cool and calculated at all times, right up to his last moment. It's these interesting characteristics that made him stand out from other villains, and the fact he was a non-human working for the Empire. You're right about prejudice against alien species in the Star Wars universe being like sexism and racism in our own world, and although it can be very apparent, especially by those in power who feel they can do whatever they want, it's more likely to be subtle which is often worse because benevolent prejudice normalizes these disgusting attitudes towards others because of the body or skin color they were born with. They could have made something out of the Inquisitor's presence in an environment where non-humans usually aren't welcomed that could resonate to humans, regardless of gender or race, here on Earth.

    It's a pity that we'll never know the Inquisitor's story, how he ended up working for the Empire, if he had been recruited or forced, if he was always a bad person or did the Empire make him that way, (or a bit of both). We aren't even told his real name, we just know him as "the Inquisitor." This character had so much potential, it's a shame that the writers chose to do away with him so they could introduce new or other old characters in season 2. I don't think we'll be seeing all that much of Ahsoka or Vader in the next season either, which is another bummer, but if the Inquisitor was still alive, it would have kept the show interesting. Who knows where it's going to be headed now. I enjoyed this show up to the Inquisitor's death, and I can't help feeling that it won't be as good now since they already made such a huge mistake by killing off the main villain of the series. But being the geeky Star Wars fangirl that I am, I know I'll watch it anyway. Just my thoughts on the subject. :)