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Bane Embo and the Fett's Part Three

Part Three: Cad Bane and Boba's relationship

Despite the confirmed canon on Bane and Jango's relationship, we still don't know how much insight Boba has into this relationship. Boba could possibly respect Bane because he knew Jango; however, Boba could also be holding grudges against Bane because Bane was Jango's rival, and possibly because Bane and Jango used to clash. The way Bane and Boba interacted in the rough footage, just my mere speculation, there seemed to be the slightest bit of tension between them. However, this was only a couple minutes of footage that didn't show Bane and Boba's facial expressions throughout. Obviously seeing the final footage, and more of it, would go a long way. So, in canon, we still don't know much about them.

I think it's possible that Bane and Boba met long before Jango was killed. Maybe Bane has known Boba since he was just an infant. Canonically, it does make a bit of sense, since Bane referred to Boba as "the kid" in the episode "Deception." If Bane had known Boba for that long, he would see him more as a child than as a fellow bounty hunter. Side note: wouldn't it be adorable if at some point Boba called him "Uncle Cad"?

Now back to something else I touched on earlier - how much Bane and Jango could have influenced Boba's style. I can see younger Boba struggling between wanting to honor his father's legacy, and wanting to become his own man. Boba loved Jango very much and wouldn't want to forget him, but he would also not want to live under his father's shadow. He wants to be known as Boba Fett, not the son of Jango Fett. So, being that he doesn't want to always live under his father's shadow, could that have been a partial reason as to why Boba is being trained by Bane? Is Bane part of the reason Boba is able to become his own man and start his own legacy?

More so, is Boba aware of this? If he wants to start his own legacy and not always live under Jango's shadow, Bane could help him with that. But, at this point in Boba's story, does he even want the help? Does he want Bane to help him start his own legacy? Or he is still struggling with wanting to honor his father? Perhaps Bane influenced Boba by showing him how to become his own man, rather than be known as the son of Jango Fett all the time. Whether or not Boba is aware of this influence - or if he even wants it at the time - is interesting to think about. Depending on how it goes, it would make Bane and Boba's relationship either a strong master/apprentice (or uncle/nephew) relationship, or a tense and slightly awkward relationship.

One thing that really, really got my attention were two things mentioned at the panel during Celebration.

"Bane and Jango Fett had a rivalry, but with his death, they’ll never know who was better."


"If Bane could train Boba, he would make him great, and maybe get an answer…"

So what does this mean?

Obviously, from the first quote, we can conclude that Bane and Jango never had an actual "match" to find out who was the better bounty hunter. Or that they were in close ties to see who would outdo the other, and Jango died before they actually found out. It also raises the question of how Bane and Jango would also compare who was "better." Does this mean better in hand-to-hand combat, in bounty tallies, experience, a combination of all three, or something else? It's interesting to imagine Bane and Jango constantly comparing their skills to each other, trying to find out who is doing a more efficient job. Such close rivalry might contribute to Bane's own ruthlessness, and arrogance, by the time the Clone Wars begins.

The second quote almost implies another intention behind Bane training Boba. It's as if Bane is training Boba just so he can find out if he is a better fighter than Jango was. That is at least how it was worded at Celebration. But I think this is more just of a tag line to tease the audience, rather than something that actually happens in canon. It's absurd to imagine Bane investing in Boba, just to know that he can beat him later on. Bane would not use up valuable time, energy, and resources just so he can know he was better than Jango; it doesn't fit his character. So I doubt we can take these statements from Celebration seriously, and instead see them as simple little teasers of what could have been (and what might be in the future). I think that Bane's reasons for training Boba are a lot more complicated than Celebration let on.

Both statements certainly confirm that Boba's rise to glory can be credited, at least partially, to Bane training him. Which I've believed to be true for a long time anyway.

Actually, the more I think about this, the more I worry about a theory that has been around for a long time: that Boba Fett will be the death of Cad Bane. That at some point in the future, this "passing the torch" relationship will culminate in a rivalry between Bane and Boba that will parallel the now-canon rivalry of Jango and Bane. And eventually, Bane and Boba will have a duel, and Boba will come out as the victor. Maybe Bane will lose and simply decide that he's had enough, and he retires with all his money. Or perhaps it's a fight to the death. Thus the explanation as to how Boba Fett became the best bounty hunter of his time.

The statement "Maybe we'll get an answer" worries me the most. This definitely feels like a teaser that a Bane vs. Boba duel, or rivalry at the least, is inevitable. Just like in the last post in which I proposed the idea that Bane and Jango's rivalry would parallel Bane and Boba's, only the roles would be switched. And since Boba Fett is the best bounty hunter by the time A New Hope rolls around, this means that either -Bane retired, or -Boba killed Bane.

Personally, I'd rather see the former happen. If Bane and Boba end up fighting, and Bane honorably admits that he is past his prime and it's time to let Boba follow in his footsteps, and Bane goes off to live the rest of his life in peace, I will be incredibly satisfied. I think it would be a worthy closure to Bane's story, and it would be great if they allow Bane to step down - and, as stated in Celebration, pass the torch of greatness on to Boba willingly.

Plus this works for Bane's character. He is a well prepared, analytical, self-aware sort of hunter. If this takes place around 10-20 years after the Clone Wars, Bane would know that his career is grinding to a halt. He can't be young forever and eventually someone else will take his place. Bane may be stubborn, but I highly doubt he would be stubborn enough to insist that he's not getting old when he really is. He's also practical, in spite of his stubbornness. I feel like Bane would know that and accept it, and when he realizes that Boba has surpassed him, he would swallow his pride and end his career by his own choice. One more factor to consider: maybe after seeing how his old rival Jango went out, Bane decides not to wait until he's killed for his career to end. He decides that his career will end exactly when he wants it to, and when he's feeling too old and worn out to continue being a bounty hunter, he'll call it quits. That sounds very characteristic of Bane to me.

Besides, this way, Bane gets to die off-screen. And even better, die peacefully. I want Bane to retire, get married and have kids that Todo 360 babysits all the time, and live in a nice little house on a beautiful planet where he can fix up speeders and droids for recreation, and live happily ever after. Gracious knows the Star Wars fandom needs more characters to die of old age anyway...

If Bane will die at the hands of Boba Fett, it would have to be done very well, which I think would be difficult to pull off if they want to keep Bane and Boba in-character. If Bane has trained Boba - and since Bane and Jango had a connection - I don't see Boba as being capable of killing Bane. Boba would respect him too much to do that. And Boba has a high sense of honor as well, even higher than Bane. Honestly, the only way I can see Boba killing Bane working in canon is that Boba is hired by the Empire, and because Bane is a non-Human, it eventually goes about that Boba is forced by his job to put Bane to death. I already headcanon that non-Human bounty hunters are sort of the "outcasts" and don't get as much work during the Imperial era. Since the Empire decided all non-Humans are secondary citizens, that would definitely put a lot of non-Human bounty hunters out of work. And, there is always the chance that Bane could end up teaming with the Rebels. So if Boba ends up working for the Empire, he could be forced into doing something that leads to Bane's death. Boba wouldn't like it, even if it makes him the new best bounty hunter...unless someone else becomes the best between Bane and Boba, which we don't know of yet in canon.

In Part Four (the last part in this series) I will go into the character Embo, and how his role in the story could add more to Jango, Bane, and Boba's stories.

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