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Rumor: Cad Bane in "Rogue One" Star Wars Stand-alone Film

More details about the upcoming Star Wars stand-alone/spin-off film "Rogue One" were released yesterday. Among other details about the film, it was revealed that Vader, Tarkin, and a group of classic bounty hunters will be in the film.  Specifically, these bounty hunters would be hired by Vader to stop a group of rebels from stealing the plans to the Death Star.

According to the report:

"Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar, Zuckuss & 4LOM, IG-88, and Cad Bane. The last of bounty hunters listed, Cad Bane, is from ‘Clone Wars,’ Rogue One will be his his live action debut."

That's correct. If these rumors are true, that means that in a year and a half, we will see a live-action Cad Bane on the big screen.

WOOT!! Now this is the type of Star Wars news I like to hear!!

Earlier this year, it was already revealed that the plot of the film would center around a group of rebels planning to steal the Death Star. This news doesn't conflict with other reports about the film to-date, so it's very possible they are true. Of course, these reports have yet to be officially confirmed, so we can't get our hopes up too high.

I have conflicting thoughts on this news. First, of course, is that I am very excited that we might get a live-action Cad Bane, and for several reasons. Obviously this means more character development for Bane (something that's sorely needed and that the character deserves). It also means that the new writers for the Star Wars franchise are paying attention to his character and haven't forgotten him (which means that if they're willing to put Bane in a live-action film, we could also see more comics, books, and more about Bane in the future). And we'll also get a lot of cool merchandise to come with the film I'm sure, so I'm very excited about that as well.

However, I have my hesitations to get too excited. I'm not sure how they plan to portray Bane in live-action; I hope they do motion capture so it looks realistic enough. I have no idea who I would pick to cast as Bane, but I hope they pick someone who can get his personality and attitude down well. And Corey Burton probably won't be back to do the voice-over for Bane, so this means Bane will have a different voice, and I hope that's done well too.

But on that note, I'm much more excited than worried to see how Bane will be portrayed in live-action. Even if it comes off less than what I hoped for, at least we still get more Cad Bane development, dialogue, merchandise, etc etc. I care much more about Bane's story and potential than his live-action physical appearance.

What DOES concern me is what role Bane will play in the film. Supposedly he is being hired by Vader to work for the Empire. Trouble is, I don't see Bane as being the type to willingly work for the Empire. So to me, if he is working for the Empire, this could be his "last job" before he retires and he more or less has to do it but doesn't really want to. Like in the western film "Unforgiven." Or, another idea: Bane is actually on the rebels' side, planning to help the rebels steal the plans while pretending to work for the Empire. It would be a great plot twist!

But if they just simply put Bane in as working for the Empire, with no hints at backstory or motives or how Bane would react to issues such as the Empire's hunting down Jedi and human-centric speciesism, I would be very disappointed. I don't want them to ruin his character, and they could easily do that by ignoring those things.

One other thing that has me very, very concerned. Rogue One has already been said to feature a "darker, grittier" element than any of the Star Wars movies. This means that we can expect to see some mature content in the film. AND that they probably intend to kill off at least one main character, to give it that "dark, gritty" edge.

The problem is, out of all the bounty hunters listed, Bane is the only one who does not appear later, in The Empire Strikes Back. So every other bounty hunter on that list is guaranteed to make it. And we know Tarkin and Vader have to survive too.

Meaning that, of all the "villains" listed in the film, Cad Bane is the only one who could be killed off.

Considering they want the film to be dark and gritty, this puts Bane at a very high risk to be killed off. Also worth noting that Bane was the last bounty hunter on the list, so he might not have the largest role in the film. He could just easily be thrown in as an extra, so they don't have to invent a whole new character, and will be killed off towards the middle or end so the film feels "darker" and "grittier."

If one of my other theories is true - like if Bane is secretly on the rebels' side - this could be yet another factor that contributes to his death. It would be interesting to see how the other bounty hunters respond to that, especially Boba Fett. It would add another dynamic to the Rebel Alliance and how they work, not to mention the character development for Bane (can you tell I'm a big sucker for that)? In the cancelled Bounty Hunter arc from the Clone Wars show, we were going to see Bane train Boba and establish that relationship between them. So I have to wonder if they're not giving us more about that show because they want to use elements from it in Rogue One? Or if they're going to tie in that story with, say, a young adult novel that will be released with Rogue One? Who knows? If the rumor about live-action Bane in Rogue One is true, then it would start to make sense why we've been given a book and unfinished footage from other arcs, but not the Bounty hunter arc.

On a final note, what if "dark and gritty" material implies they will really hit on the issue of human-centric speciesism at its worst? How far will they go? Just how "dark and gritty" will they push the Empire's speciesism? And more importantly, how will the nonhuman characters be affected by that? Makes me really really scared for Bane.

So overall, I'm excited about the rumor but if it's true, I'm also going to be very worried for a number of reasons. I'm worried that they may ruin Bane's character, or that they will throw him in just for someone to be killed off at random, or that he will die in a very tragic manner. High risk at being killed, plus the film's "darker, grittier" element, plus the Empire's speciesism...yeah, I'm scared.

Before I can say much else, we'll have to sit back and see what happens to this rumor. Until then, I can only speculate.

Rogue One is coming to theatres December 2016.

Video: "Rogue One Teaser and Concept Art"

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