Saturday, July 18, 2015


I hate summer so much.

The picnics and carnivals and fresh green grass are all right, but other than that...screw summer.

No air conditioning upstairs or in the living room. My youngest sister can't be in any room that has the fans on. If I turn on the fan in my room it makes a lot of annoying racket.

If I open up the windows to try to get a nice breeze in, I get a runny/stuffy nose and a dry throat because of all my pollen allergies.

And I never get invited to go kayaking, swimming, fishing, or anything else so I'm left sitting at home, suffering, all summer long just waiting for the leaves to turn red.

On top of all this is the possibility of severe windstorms and tornadoes which I am scared to death of because of the storm that hit my hometown when I was 5 that could have killed us.

So yeah. I'm glad summer is half over. Only a month and a half to go and I'll be free...

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