Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Cad Bane collection

I have been working on this collection for almost four years now. It started very small in 2011 but I began finding more items online and it went downhill from there. Aside from one or two items that are no longer available for purchase, I'm pretty sure I have every piece of Cad Bane merchandise.

My card collection is one of my top favorites

More detailed pics below

Three art pieces that friends made for me - the first two are by my friend Ani (Tumblr), and the third is by my sister (Tumblr).

Some of my favorite collection pieces - here is my Cad Bane (disguised as Denal) Sideshow Collectible.

Cad Bane Bust Bank

Bane Gentle Giant Maquette

Model of Bane's ship "Xanadu Blood"

 These are all detailed pics of the smaller items from my collection. It's taken years to find them all!

Custom order pillow from Etsy!

I'm hoping that Cad Bane will have his own Disney Infinity figure released soon, in which case I'll pre-order him as soon as possible. I'm also hoping that Bane's possible appearance in Rogue One will mean more Bane merch to add to my collection!

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